CHEAP Aquarium light, Aquaneat LED

CHEAP Aquarium light, Aquaneat LED. Hey everyone and thanks for watching. The aquaneat led aquarium lights are an awesome money saver for lighting your fish tank. Today i am showing you these aquarium lights on my african cichlid tanks and doing a short review. Be sure to leave a like if you enjoyed the video.

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Porters Aquatics says:

I have no volume other than music on this video. Any ideas? Ive been debating on buying this same light

Golden Fish Tanks says:

It looks nice! Thanks for the video.

Philoso Fish says:

I’ve got two of those, the only problem was the transformer they came with overheated in just a few hours.

Ry Mac cichlids says:

Dude the 40 looks sweet. I run a full light 36’ on my 45 high works awesome really like it I run a fluval freshwater led on my 125 I really like it but it’s a little more expensive thinking of getting a 72’ beamswork for it we will see thanks for sharing great video as always

captain 3654 says:

How is the algea growth on the lids with those lights. I have the 125 gallon aqueon tank that came with hood style lights and they cause algea to grow on the lids.

Ben Ochart says:

I liked the way aquaneat lit my tank but the plug in jack (power cord) rusted out after three months and a 72” LED went into the trash. The eBay seller said I was SOL.
I found the Beamswork unit much better built with a hard wired cord instead of a plug in jack and a better overall quality build.
On top of glass lid the aquaneat might last longer, but exposed to high humidity hanging over an open top tank, they were a real let down.

IFG says:

I need that light. Can you drop the link bro

Jose Rivera says:

Beat u to this one already have the on my 40breeder an my 65gallon lol

Cynful Exotics says:

I need to check that out. I dropped one of my lights a while back into the tank. Ooops

Adam C says:

I’ll never buy an expensive light again. prices on led has come down so far

Freemans Aquatics says:

Looking bad ass bro loving that hardscape Anthony you did a excelent job you will def be able to make a lava city in no time good Sir cheers 🙂 and man give me a week i jacked my back moving this monster desk i need a dam work table for this stuff lol and the lights are def onpoint i have 4 of them and i like the flood lights man i need to do a video for you if you want it will be quick and shakey but i can show you bubba if you want just holler bro peace Anthony

Frank Schindler says:

Hey love your videos. You really support the hobbyist

toycar foushboy says:

Great review brutha! I’ve been toying with the idea of these exact lights for a bit now, might just spring for it soon. PEACE

cichlid guru nyc says:

Nice LEDs. I have mine on the 20g about year now .from cll pet supplies

Sushi Prince says:

Wow them diy lava rocks turned out really good.

K love Jesus says:

I love finnex very aforable led

Rodney Newcomb says:

Hiya, cool video … a link to said light would be nice… ty and have a great day and if u can’t have a day 🙂

Pets'n Friends says:

Hi Anthony
I am new on YouTube
I do videos like this so if u can Subscribe Thanks,I appreciate it

dbachelor's Planted Aquarium says:

Saving is life 🙂

Shawn Paul 954 says:

Beamworks is pretty good too and about the same price. Like the videos man, keep it up!

Ha-y-n Brian says:

Hey bro! I love it when you bring up DIY and money saving tips on products… Just one thing… Could you give us close ups of the products and the functions/use. I know it would make the vids a bit longer, but I’d like to know the details to see if the product would suit my individual needs.
For my bigger tanks i have found a very cheap led light from Walmart… Yes i said Walmart! It’s a 24 inch slim led under cabinet fixture. The specs are 12 watts 1080 lumens color temp 5000k. It costs only 11 dollars and made by lights of America. It is very bright but the cover comes off easily and i put small pieces of black electrical tape over individual leds until i get the brightness i want. And its so lightweight you can make a hood out of sturdy cardboard and not worry about it collapsing. I’ll show it on my next update so you can see it. Thanks for the update!

Rj L says:

You should have pointed out that the “On/Off” switch is on the plug. many set ups its difficult to get to the ele. cords. Nicrew is much better and just a few dollars more, I’ve had mine 5 months with no problems.

Tech Turtle says:

where is the link bro ???? i need this kinda now just finished setting up my 40 gallon breeder

Deborah Gilmore says:

Hey Anthony. Lava rock build is awesome! Umm, I’m not sure what lights I use. With having small tanks, I just use what I find. I do know I have bought a lot of stuff from cll on ebay and I like their products. Gotta keep the Bettas happy!!

A.C. Aquatics says:

Thanks for sharing as always brother. I’ve been curious myself to how they hold up long term myself so I hope they work a long time for you. Sorry I haven’t been around in a few weeks. I’ve had some health issues but we are back in action and I’m trying to catch up on 100+ videos in my watch later list…lol. Awesome video and keep doing what you do if it works for you.

Teddy Bonkers says:

I’ve switched to these. I will NEVER buy a Finnex again total waste of money. The super bright versions of these are a lot better though, not as blue and grow plants really well. These ones in your video don’t grow plants well for some reason. Maybe you got the ones that have more LED’s in them, I got the cheaper 36″ ones and they are too dim and just don’t grow any plants.

JRPy Fish-n-Game says:

Like the review of the LED…I use full spectrum lights as all of my tanks are planted. Thanks for sharing.

DUB.REXY21 says:

I need me an LED light, I’ll go check some some out. I feel a change coming.

Jimmy Huynh says:

That light looks awesome. I also use some cheap led lights as well… call Beamswork. Pretty sure you heard of those.. oh btw, got the GE today.. did an unboxing video with the kids… thanks again brother

L.S Aquariums says:

Awesome video man! I may look into this light I’m looking for a light for my 55 gallon so this may be something I look into!

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