China LED REED light WIFI review (Galaxyhydro)

I got 3 of these for my 100 gallon, here’s a review.


Dirtbike long says:

Can you please post a link to where you bought it I went on amazon and couldn’t find it where

nicola nieddu says:

Hello I wanted to know how many centimeters from the hair of the water you used them . Thank you

Steven Songer says:

Are these still holding up well ? What size tank is that ?

Travis Kinsey says:

Did you have trouble c9nnecting your light to your phone? just got mine and the app doesn’t have the setting to change anything nor does it have the on off button on the main screen.

Ryan Dunbar says:

Sick tank

Ulysses Garcia says:

Several months ago I purchased these fucking lights.The growing result is not as good as they said.What’s more,the wifi remote function was dead after two months.OK,that’s fine.I don’t really need that.But spending more one month,the power supplies,fans and all wires were BURNT!!The lights were burnt too! What a fucking thing it is! I lost much money due to this.I have several Mars Aqua lights too, used for many months,but never met any problem.Their lights are indeed certified,I even checked its certification number,no lie,safe to use.Anyway,the Galaxyhydro is GARBAGE!I have already thrown them into trash can and will NEVER purchase them again, I don’t want to put myself in danger!

Manuel Lopez says:

Hello could you do update on your lights thanks.

The reef mike says:

nice looking tank

Manuel Lopez says:

Hello billy how are the lights working for your corals and can you do update .

Billy Simkins says:

The growth in my tank is outstanding. I wish I could show a pic. Everything is functioning correctly. I’m only using about 1/2 the power.

Billy Simkins says:

Everything is still working great.

Manuel Lopez says:

Do you have update on the led lights billy how are your corals doing?

c4snipar says:

Nice set up. I am running them at about 30%, it burnt my devils hand coral and mushroom lol. I had it down to minimum for a few days and see.

Kenneth Badders says:

where’s the Amazon link ? This review is worthless without it.

Aegis159 says:

could you post which model you purchased exactly please? Thanks!

Larry Tran says:

Curiously, what template do you use?

Canadian Fish N Shrimp says:

The cable is called “aircraft cable” fyi

Shannon Mobley says:

Has anyone successfully kept a clam with this light?

Ann Milburn says:

new to these lights what sort of numbers did u guys run on 9 hours lights on the tank

Brandon Meade says:

can you post the link for them please

Gerard Duquette says:

I have the “Galaxyhydro Led 55x3w Dimmable 165w Full Spectrum LED Aquarium Light for Reef Coral & Fish”. However, have seen no coralline algae, and anemones shrinking. Wondering if this light capable of growing anything?
How is your growth rate?

Garry Thomas says:

Good video

Lost On the Trails in WV Harris says:

Billy, I have had 2 of these lights for weeks now love them however, the wifi is driving me nuts. I can not figure out how the heck to connect 2 lights together on one device. Please please can you help me

Carter Smith says:

it’s been about a month since you posted this video, do you still like them? I’m thinking I will order some. do you think they will do well for sps?

Eduardo Duque says:

how big is your electric bill like each month?

TOM REEFMAN202 says:

what kinda phone u use?? it’s not working with my Samsung phone…

Lee and Mandy Battersby says:

Looks great just subscribed

GBP xmsn.z.mjustin mitchell says:

How is it doing now that you have had it for several months I am thinking about picking some up for a 40 breeder

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