Coralife Aqualight S LEDs Review! Super bright at an affordable price! KGTropicals!

Here is the first of many product reviews you can expect coming from this channel in the coming weeks/months. Today we look at the Coralife Aqualight S LED lights. I want to sincerely thank Coralife for sending me these lights to review for you. Not only were they fun to review but these are also dynamite lights that I am proud to own!

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KG cichlids says:

damn I work Saturday 🙁

marsdog says:

Of course they’re bright, you’ve got 4 of them on that tank! The par numbers are less than stellar, and the 48″ model is only 36 watts.

Mike ANGEL says:

my question is how many would I need for a 125 gallon tank

Bryce Haney says:

lol was anybody else watching the Jack Dempsey fighting the parrot in the beggining of the video?

Nick Nathu says:

Second… Please respond to this and my life will be complete

Calvin says:

Did you figure out how to use the 24 hour timer?

IFG says:

Nice light. The RF signal is a good feature.

Aquatic Logic says:

John that unit looks IDENTICAL to my Aqueon Optibright! Is it made in Wisconsin by Optibright too? Thanks 🙂

Eric Mirzaian says:

anyone notice the fish lip locking in the bottom tank on the left in the beginning of the video

nyinfamous2k2 says:

I always like product reviews. good video. thanks. looking forward to this series. I have the cheap 25$ ebay version of these on my 90 gal freshwater. its crazy how nice these new cheap lights are. I put them side by side with my 500$ each reef tank LED lights and they are not far off.

KG cichlids says:

I’ll jump in the live stream regardless though lol great video bro!

josh's aquariums says:

I would like to purchase a product from you please email pm me and  will provide you with my email

Johnny Shaooni says:

beautiful lights thx john see u saturday on facebook.

Bear-Pig Nation! says:

Question- what do you keep your PH level at? And what do you use to change it?

CichlidGuy915 says:

Cool light and great review! how do I get companies to send me some stuff to review I would love to do that?? 🙂 stocked about Saturday night! ill be there!

Lazarus Gaming says:

I like most your videos, but when you are doing a product review and you haven’t even tested all of the functions of the product, it doesn’t shine you in the brightest of lights when you give them your endorsement. For all you know the timer function does not work. I’m just saying, if you are getting free products for doing reviews on them, test them to their full potential before doing the review. Otherwise it definitely seems like these people are giving you products for good reviews, biased.

Ruben says:

Nice light John but it looks like a reef light. It looks bluish in color.

Mike ANGEL says:

it’s all good thank you for sharing this i really appreciate it GOD.BLESS YOU MY BROTHER HAVE A AWESOME night my friend.


are the two fish behind you “kissing”? =)
another ģreat product review! Santa please hurry…

D Miya says:

New camera looks great. Helpful product review. Good work!

Joe English says:

What are types of fish you can put with African cichlids

quepiid says:

Beamworks ftw

Chris Conley says:

I clicked on the link and the most recent post on the page was from November of last year? Am I on the right page or am I looking at it wrong?

JcSH2o says:

Another great video. And brother that tank is awesome.

I decided to order this series of light and check it out! Whoop

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