Current Satellite Plus LED Light Review PAR Data included! USA

Current Satellite Plus LED Light Review PAR Data included! USA Check out the PAR data in comparison to a Finnex Stingray etc.
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Sarah Gibson says:

Is 45 PAR sufficient for low-medium light requirements for plants?

Robert Romero says:

I was curious on what light you would say i should get, i want to do a heavily planted med to low light 40b, but i’m having trouble finding lights i’d like to use, would love to be a cheaper led setup but i’m trying to stay around 100$

II Knucklez II says:

Awesome info. Can you do a test on the non pro, non plus bade model?

Darrell Saewhat says:

Thnx for the par review Cory!!! I bought two of these for my 60 long and this is probably the only video that shows par values for this specific light. Thanks! Keep up the good work.

charles eagles says:

what do u think best led with colour changing modes no thunder mode is needed….

PhilipS says:

What is the par st 6”?

Uniquascaper says:

White plus what setting gave the most par? I watched it 4 times and I can’t see which button you pushed.

ronscopes says:

How does the “Current USA Orbit Marine LED Saltwater Reef Lighting System” and “Fluval Planted 3.0″ in Par rating, etc. ?
Do they all allow selection of blue color, etc. ?
I have a 65 gallon, 25” deep, with blue and yellow cichlids and anubia plants.
Thanks !

D Campbell says:

wish you included the par values of all the presets. any chance of getting that info?

AmazonTankAquatics says:

Cory love your show.
Can I ask you out of the 6 remote settings which is the best for growing marimo balls and Anubias in a 46 gallon bowfront? Also how many hours a day!

Cole Schramm says:

Another great review, Corey. I’m a big fan of the Finnex Planted Plus 24/7 LED lights. We have one on every one of our tanks, even though we don’t have any planted aquariums. I like the color the light puts out and the ramping up and down of a natural light cycle is an awesome feature.

Iowa Discus says:

I was switching between windows and turned back to your video right at 6:58, I thought you had snatched your goldfish out of the tank and were holding it. Definitely did a second, what-the-heck, take.

epicexposure says:

I have a 16″ deep 20 gal tank high. Planted. So you think this would be more than good for my heavily planted tank? If so, I’m in! Looks pretty good for my setup. Thanks again for your videos 🙂

Steve Poland Aquatics says:

Great review as always. I actually like the mountable sensors. If you have a canopy it allows you to use the remote without removing it. As for the length, I use the 4 ft version of this light on 125 I actually like it a lot. I never expected to feel that way and even bought a 6 foot light originally (not current, I think 4 ft is their max). But after running the 4 ft for a while it really grew on me. Still just a subjective preference though.

Mike G says:

Great info, your reviews are very helpful. I’m considering this light for my 75 gallon mbuna tank. I do have some low light plants…all Java Ferns. They are doing ok with the Marineland LED that came with my set up. But as you complain about, it’s a 36″ light on a 48″ tank. Do you think this would be a good option?

Aquarium Co-Op says:

*Buy it from our Amazon Affiliate Link here:*

Art Hunter says:

Just had a look on UK Amazon and this costs $430. We get ripped off over here in the UK…

jmfc5 says:

What energy monitor is that? Also you mentioned it uses 17 watts and that it would cost $6.75 to run at 12 hours a day. Is that value per year?

Timothy Dawn says:

Do you think this could grow dwarf sagittaria in a 29 gallon?

J B says:

this is great dude. honestly I have been watching the aquarium led prices on amazon for about a year. 107 -123$ or so is the fluctuation. I have chopped it up every way imaginable and found that I really am caught between making my own (joey style) or this product. there are a few sold SUPER CHEAP by megabrand and a few others BUT apparently they think Hawaii is a different country because amazon won’t sell it to me. pretty rough scene. I am very much leaning toward building my own…
your point about it being short is a strong one.

Ruben says:

Great info man thanks a lot for sharing the video. Greatly appreciated.

Wichita Falls Fishkeeper says:

Great info

Shadow334 says:

Thanks for the info. You gave me the info needed to determine if this was the light I needed to purchase. And I did. Thanks Again!!

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