Current Satellite Plus Pro LED Light Review PAR values included!

Current Satellite Plus Pro LED Light Review PAR Values included! I use the apogee new led meter to test the PAR values. I also test how many watts it is using and give my thoughts on the light. I’m using the 24 inch version for this test.
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King Waltz says:

You should do the beamswork led fixtures

Brian's Opinion/Comments says:


A Fish Guy says:

looks like the planted plus24/7? wuts the PAR difference on those two?

Eli Hilton says:

Great review!

I’m looking at buying 2 of the these 48 inch lights for my 60 inch long 120 gallon tank (60Lx18Wx25H). Any clue how well the light will spread through the 6 inches on each end that won’t have LEDs directly overhead?

Jeremy McReynolds says:

So what’s a good middle ground led between this and the Finnex? Not so many bells and whistles, no remote, silly lighting effects; just a basic timer maybe with an auto dimmer?

cold pizza says:

hey, I have a 90 gallon vivarium, its about 25 inches tall but the substrate layer will bring the floor up about 5-6 inches. I was wondering if the PAR levels would be higher if there is no water and if so how much of a difference is there?

henry ni says:

Really appreciate the scientific data on the lights.
Much more helpful information than
“hey it looks pretty good, and its also pretty bright!”

Joseph Pinkston says:

lol the fish are like WTF

Rich's Fishes says:

I run a few of the current satellite fixtures (not the pro 24 hour version) in my fishroom. Looks like this one has a few nice features. The prices of these things are nuts though. I’ve found of all the led fixtures I run the power supply on these crap out rather quickly. Granted I only buy them used and they’re easy enough to replace; but still not the greatest life out of them. Curious why you run such “strong” lights on your tanks that aren’t planted? Love your honest opinion on this stuff as always cory ( I too have hated how they advertise what size tanks these fit on!)

Johnny Marin says:

Current USA Orbit Marine Aquarium LED Light can I used this on a freshwater planted tank also what’s the best light for a 40g breeder new into the hobby here need help can’t decide. Light that’s worth the money and do wonders for plants

the lazy fish keeper says:

i know it’s all about the lights,, but i see we have a tank mate for Mr. gold fish. what is it?
now that you have done the review what are the plans for this really expensive lite?
stay well

RinaDasler says:

how to set it up to turn off & turn on?? i did set time 0.00 for turn off & set time on for 7.00 & NEVER in a week darn thing turned off or turned on & yes my time is set correctly
In comparison with my DSuny light I have on my main fish tank this light is quite disappointing in programing

Rennen S says:

I bet the fish were like “the sun is broken”.

Mario Sorto says:

satellite pro vs fluval 2.0 which would u recommend on a 75g?

Russell Beach says:

Another great review. I am using those Feit shop lights and everything is growing like crazy. For $25.00 a light it works for me. Thanks for that tip Cory.

Laughing Coffin says:

Do you recommend this for a 60 centimeters tall tank?Will it be enough for the carpeting plants(cuba)?

Keeping IT Fishy says:

just a question, why is that goldfish tank always cloudy?

bigtroublenj says:

How do you increase the strength?

Phil Tron says:

Lol.. everytime you hit the solid color buttons you were resetting the colour settings :P. You just change the colours with up/down arrow. the solid colours are some pre-set. i dont really get their use tbh.

Mario Sorto says:

Finally order my fluval 2.0. A little late but nevertheless i ordered. Thx for your advice this is my first order with you and I’m looking forward to doing more business.

kel says:

The light sucks. I have it on my 49 gallon breeder it’s not bright at all. It might grow low light plants. Don’t get it if you want to grow plants that need high light.

Shelley G. says:

I love the fact that you took the time to review these lights. Its so helpful in my search for a new LED light.

Thomas Young says:

Finnex plus 24/7

dan linek says:

You should do a review on a diy light like the one Joey put together on his channel. I’m only saying that because if building a led light out of plastic rain gutters and pvc pipe with a led strip wrapped around it is better why not tell people about it.

ThingsIdo4fun says:

Hey Cory, love all your video’s and reviews. I need assistance in selecting a light fixture, I’m doing a custom tank (O/D: 24″L x 17″W x 13-1/4″T) (I/D: 23-1/2″L x 16-1/2″W x 13″T) (1/4″ thickness) Approximately 23 gallons. Reason for this size is the extra 3 gallons to be compensated by the substrate(2-3″) with some higher and lower spots, hardscape, plants, etc. to reduce water volume to 20 gallons or so. I’ve been having my eye on this fixture for the light density settings and others features. I’ve been also reading forums and reviews, here is a link that has +pro par specs that I assume it was made by current usa themselfs:

But after seeing this video, got me scratching my head a bit. I wanted to ask for your professional and personal opinions about this fixture to my tank specifications. I also made an adjustable mount to fine tune it’s height to density ratios.

Edit: Small typos.

Tony Black says:

Hey, do you think the loop IC version has the same par?

Anthony Ragan says:

Thanks for posting this, Cory. I have a Finnex “planted+” on my 20-long that I’ve been very happy with, but I’m curious about other lights. One thing that bothers me about many of these LEDs is that they claim “covers 12-36 inches”, but the real light coverage is toward the shorter end, and the sides of the tank are in deep shadow. Also, one thing that occurred to me while watching: you tested this on an acrylic tank with a pre-cut opening. Many of us will have glass tanks with glass lids: these can accumulate build-up that affects the PAR rating. I’d have liked to see this situation tested.

Iowa Discus says:

Weirdly, the light you review has an almost identical remote to my Ecoxotic E-120 Full Spectrum LED, 48-Inch lights. Are they they the same company or something?

I also use Aquatic Life LEDs and have several Marineland Aquatic Plant LEDs. By far my favorite, in terms of usability, light effectiveness, heat generated and price are the Aquatic Life LEDs. The Marineland Aquatic Plant LEDs are really powerful and easy to program, but lack options for custom light settings. The Ecoxitic LEDS are fine, not my favorite (the hanging timer/remote sensor, like in your video, is very annoying, but light output is fine. Typically they get really hot on high settings and have to shut down at various times during the day).

Damion Markham says:

thanks Cory , did you say adding a additional stingray to a existing stingray will double the par?
Also having a integrated timer for 60 bucks could be worth it to some plus the remote works more smoothly . thanks again looking forward to the updated costco review and hopefully Aqua traders will kick down so we can see that too

jlantican85 says:

Planning on getting off the T5 and go LED. Would you recommend the 36inch for 40 gal breeder? Its a planted tank. I figure i might need 2 to cover the floor space specially on a heavy planted tank. OR will the Finnex 24/7 be sufficient?

Carlos Eduardo Joos says:

Excellent video! I have one! And I like it very much. The only problem that I have is with the control remote that crack the buttons. Is the second control that I have the same problem. I’ll have to made a new guaranty request. The rest is perfect!

Aurelio Huerta Espinosa says:

whats is a PAR and what is the correct value for an aquarium ??

Pietro Pelatti says:

Your background aquarium is filtrated?

Old School Fish Guy says:

These are my least favorite videos over-all but I like when people do these reviews – I watch certain ones because they interest me – this one was one of those that I was interested in hearing – so don’t stop dong product reviews (and others reading this should keep doing them)

rdrdghd says:

Does it ramp down into moonlight, or dusk to dawn, dawn to dusk basic ramp?

Cameraman2419 says:

I was wondering if you can help? I can’t figure this out. I’m trying to program the timer. I want it to be like.
12am – 7am Moonlight
7am- 11:30am light blue Moon button
11:30am -5:30pm Daylight
5:30pm- 10pm light blue Moon button
10pm-12am Moonlight

Can I get it to do that is it easy to do??

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