Mitch Connor says:

It’s so cheap..what’s wrong with it?

ricky gutierrez says:

Hey how was the growth with this light on ?

Ken Cox says:

How are all your corals doing after 3 months under this light?? Did you have to add any other supplemental lighting??

Jason Doucette says:

What settings did you end up keeping them at? 100% for both or what? thanks

Cyber Bane says:

i <3 my current led
do you use purple up

Young B says:

I just got this light. Set from 5 to 10 for a fowlr . For some reason, the actinic light come on at 12 . I think it’s a moon light but I didn’t set it on. Does that happen to your light, too?

Antonio Tavares says:

hey I have the same orbit led on my 55g reef I was wondering what max intensities you use for the blue and white LEDs

Pedro Bare says:

how are your corals? i want to buy the same light but i saw some reviews that to keep coral you need to have al least 2 fixtures

Eliezel Pacheco says:

Nice tank. Really like the star pollyps. Can you upload a video showing moonlight with the orbit leds? Thanks

dannyhrgl says:

corals are doing great

LoganAlexander says:

what was the price for the leds

RicksReefs says:

is this the pro or regular ? my corals under the regular in my sump are doing like shit. i have radions up top tho…

Reefs R Us says:

also what is that brown stick coral?

Logan Tracy says:

what size is this tank

Glenn Guarin says:

Thanks, nice review.

Mike Daniyelyan says:

do you have yours running on M1 or M2?

Mack Canady says:

I noticed that you appear to be running an Aquaclear back filter and was wondering if that was your on filtration. I would like to have a marine tank but there or so many different accessories that seem to be needed to have a tank with corals and fish. Nice review on the light.

chris j says:

How are your corals growing dannyhrgl? I just bought the same light for my mini reef aquarium. 

Twisted Hobbys Inc says:

any updates?

just_in_time13 says:

What’s setting do you have it on? And what size tank?

ED PE says:

Why is it so hard for ppl to clean the sides of the glass.. SMH.

James Etheridge says:

hey man hows the light doing? are the corals happy?

Mark Carr says:

what settings do you run your blues and whites at throughout the day? I have this light and dont know what i should set them at. I have a 10g reef.

James Etheridge says:

the sensor i mounted on the front at the top part of the stand, everyone says it looks cool.

Daniel Vázquez Guevara says:

It is the normal or pro version?

derek boyce says:

that coraline algae looks amazing. nice tank

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