DSunY programmable LED lights review

After having these lights for about two months, I’ve finally taken some time to do a review.


Natalie Buchanan says:

What height would you recommend to hang these leds. Cheers

KYfishguy says:

I just blocked all the full spectrum leds on my china black box because the color issues you had with your zoas. Running 14 whites and 14 blues as i covered a up a few blues too to make it 50/50.

Mr JackBurton says:

what model dsuny light is this? great review by the way.

Joshua Powell says:

what is the model of your light I’m gonna buy one I just need the exact model please respond

Foderboxen Aps says:

Hi, great tank.. any way you can update us on if you are still happy for them today ?

mostar1103 says:

Awesome tank dude. Thinking of getting these lights for my Aquareef 400. 
Do these lights come with mounting brackets to allow attachment to tank? (not suspension or hanging)

Sean Wilson says:

great to review I’m going to get the 3x 360 one I’m in cali to btw

Mark Fretwell says:

Hi tbroschat81
I have these same lights and at full power mine as never got close to being hot maybe it’s because yours are in a close lid I don’t know as mine is an open top tank but I have to say these led light units are rely fantastic for the price just want to say rely nice tank you have.

Sterlo Me says:

Hey mate, curious as to the light settings you use?

Joshua Powell says:

so is your sps still growing good

Duane Snell says:

What size tank will they cover? I have a 120 gallon, 48 long by 24 inch wide…will this work? I was considering these or https://www.ebay.com/itm/3PCS-DSunY-Dimmable-LED-Aquarium-Light-Full-Spectrum-Reef-Marine-Coral-LSPS-SPS/332537468890?epid=2272069392&hash=item4d6cc717da:g:6ygAAOSwODFab-uo

Fredrick SuperAquaMan Johansson says:


I just got my 3 Dsuny freshwater LED ramps. When i turn the channels below 100% they make make a noise, like an electric tone that is very disturbing. I got them in my bedroom aswell so its not barable at all. When they are at 30% where i want them they sound the most. Do your leds make that noise?

Jeff Snyder says:

It been 8 months you should do a update video

Emanuel Andreo says:

I’m absolutely not satisfied with the product. I had been using them for 1 year (4 C6 modules + 2 E6 modules). They declare thet they are for sps too but they are not. No good results even if the values of the tank were perfect. Apart from this all the screws got rusty after a few months. I have contacted them to ask for new screws or to be partially refunded bcause thay are not rust free and they were absolutely not helpful. When I wanted to add two modules they answered very quickly; when I underlined the problem they really din’t care. Furthermore I have noticed that the transformers have swelled because they are undersised for these lights and you can see the interior!! No comment: poor quality of materials, poor quality of led and lenses, no possibility of good results unless you have only soft corals!

Paul Martin says:

I have these, great lights for little money.

Jeff Snyder says:

It been 8 months you should do a update video

NYCity Cichlids says:

Nice review. The reef tank looks good.

Matt Brown says:

Hi, I have recently bought these lights after seeing your video/review. I have had a huge Algae outbreak and was wondering if there was anything that I was doing wrong. please help if you can

DSunY LED light says:

thank you so much for your nice video.
-cindy from DSunY light(cindy@dsuny.com.cn)

Dee From Brooklyn says:

They’re great lights as I’ve mentioned.  Your tank looks great.  They have endless adjustment possibilities so you eventually find a percentage of each spectrum you’re happy with.  Lets not even talk about the cloud mode.  My friends go nuts when I set it to change automatically.  FYI pull those asterina stars out.. They prey on soft coral tissue and multiply very fast

flyg rc says:

I have 6 panels for freshwater, all powersupply have died one by one and DSunY won´t help.
They have also broke 3 times, bad solder inside so it is possible to fix.

915Mang says:

Great video, they look like decent lights. Im impressed about the acro especially since you came from ati

ChaosGeneral1 says:

Still like them? If so what did you go with?

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