eBay 48″ LED aquarium light review cll_petsupplies

eBay 48″ LED aquarium light review, compared to an Aqueon LED modular light. I do love the Aqueon, but I’ll still to the eBay lights from now on. Can’t beat the price!

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Josh Booth says:

What is the led light??

Reynaldo Zamora says:

Will these lights grow Fish plants?

kenz546 says:

Do you have yours on a timer? Or do you need to manually turn it off and on?

Bo Ure says:

Thank you. This is most useful video I’ve seen so far out of dozens. Your lead is excellent. Well done.

Kenny Johnson says:

Thanks for reviewing this led as I was looking on ebay last night maybe buying this one… I need one for saltwater reef fish.. Will this $40 led handle that or do I need to buy 2 of them ran together? Thanks, Kenny J

What Ricers Do What Ricers do says:

thats really nice. are those leds? would you recommend these over lowes led set up? i found a led set up at lowes for around the same price.

Chuck Freeburg says:

LED are brighter, cooler, and cheaper to run. Would be nice to get one of those for plant / reef tank except I don’t think one light bar puts out enough par. Doesn’t really apply to your situation though

AquaLady 420 says:

awesome review

chris presley says:

I just purchased one of these for my 125 gallon aquarium and I noticed after running the light for a while the power box down by the plug-in is Kinda hot is that normal?

Jerry B says:

Can you put the link from ebat?? i can’t fidem

Emanuel Berrum says:

Nice Video!
I bought the same lights size 18″ x 2 paid around 45$ for both light and they are super bright!
I have a 24G i feel like its perfect for it but what do you think? and updates on your tank?

Jasmin anderson says:

Hi there. Do you still have the link to the lights you purchased? Id love to buy the same light as you. Thanks in advance

Kipplur says:

Do you know how many LED’s it has?

Deon 0026 says:

hey man beautiful tank and strong channel im shocked i didnt know you sooner. Subbing up

SaltsNC says:

I have bought two sun sun filters and other aquarium supplies from cll_petsupplies. They have always had great customer service.

matthew o'dea says:

sorry ur right

inventoryking says:

Nice OB!
I subbed, can you sub to my channel?
Also, check out my latest Video, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gQ2Bm_RSmUo

Raider Rocha1974 says:

Beautiful tank bro. I didn’t see that it had just a basic day light. Does it? l love all the other colors

matthew o'dea says:

nah the aquon ones better colors n brighter defo

AddictedKev1 says:

do u know the name or have a link for this light. it’s impressive

Angie Canlapan says:

can you link me i cant find it

quepiid says:

Nice. Been looking for a cheaper light.

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