Finnex LED Light Combinations and Review

In this video, I review Finnex LED Light Fixtures, ranging from the Monster Ray, Fuge Ray Planted Plus, and Ray 2. Finnex’s line of LED lights are really great, and I’m happy with their products. They’re small and slim, which means you can add more than one LED light fixture on your tank, as you see fit. I cover the various combinations you can do with these lights, and how they look, comparatively with one another. I hope this video is informative for you all! Come by Aquarium Co-Op in Edmonds and see the lights in action!


Javi Eche says:

Great video, finally one vid that makes mix and match of these LEDs…

Jürgen Kaßnitz says:

Hi Angelo, this is a well made video!!
I have a 33,9 US Gallon (128 liter) – 31.5″L x 15.75″W x 15.75″H (80x40x40 cm) – planted AQ, mainly stem plants and other modest, easy and fast growing plants (I´m still not a great gardener, but I try to).
Would one FugeRay Planted+30″ be the right choice and would the 30″ model fit? Where can I buy these LED lights in Germany or Europe?
Thanks for your effort.

Alexander Gallegos says:

very nice!  I no longer live with parents. moved out in 2004, so technologies probably changed since.  I’m very curious on your filter.  If i pinpointed it, it looks sleek!  what type is it?

sluder4 says:

I have the 18 inch and 24 inch version of the planted + and love them. I will definitely be buying this one! Awesome video and thanks for the lighting comparison!

Ali Ali says:


Michael Pagan says:

Cool thanks I’m going to do a dirt tank that dont matter

Brian Galloway says:

Great tank man. Especially love the huge school of Neons.

David Caughran says:

Angelo, great video! I want your recommendation for my current setup. I’ve got a 55 gallon Jack Dempsey tank with an old school single bulb fluorescent strip. I’ve got lots of drift wood and have had decent success with java fern and tall valisneria but I’m looking to upgrade to LEDs and would love a couple more options and stronger growth in my plants. I want to stay low tech here (no CO2 or supplements), but would like to add more low/moderate plants. Which one of the Finnex strips would you recommend for me? I’m on a budget here, so I would like to only purchase one strip. Thanks again!


Rice Scapes says:

great comparison of the finnex fixtures!

Michael Pagan says:

Hey nice tank have a question I want to buy not sure where to buy them and I wanted to do a low to med planted tank I also have a 55g and not sure what to get out of one or both like have

Carolyn Heersema says:

Just using my wifes account.

Lisa Wagner says:

Hey Angelo! Thanks for this video!! I Finally understand this a little better! I have a 20 gal tall that I want to put a planted+ onto. I am assuming from your videos that this should work well. I am wanting to keep this low tech (no co2). What are some nice plants that would work well here? And also, I really like the look the monster ray gives the tank. If I use both on this little tank, will it be too much?

samueljames says:

Hey i have a 125 gallon and was wondering what you would recommend for lighting, its 72x18x21.  I am also planning on heavily planting this tank so I want med-high light.  At first i was going to get two 36in planted+ but now i am considering a monster ray as well.  Any help would be much appreciated, thank you. 

Silver Tries says:

Thank You!!! Helped out!

Phil Grady says:

Good video.  Explanation of lights was excellent.  I subed.

Ty Dang says:

thank you soo much for doing this video…my question is can the legs adjust to go inwards to mount for smaller tanks?? on all three??

jcashisking says:

why is there no shimmer from these LED’s?

Michael Pagan says:

It’s on the outside of the tank 55g on the back side when I was moving it to my new place it mist have hit something

Carolyn Heersema says:

Angelo, what other light would you put with planted plus on a 55 gal tank when I decide to purchase another light?

Kevin Beckford says:

which one would you recommend for a 20 long and not running co2

Carolyn Heersema says:

Just purchased the Finnex Fuge Ray Planted Plus and I am glad I saw this video b because I was going to buy the Finnex Fuge Ray with Moon Lights  but after this video I changed to Planted Plus version.  Currently I have a Marineland Single Light and my plants were not doing all that great and got tired of buying new plants.  Later  I will probably get the 48″ Monster Ray later.  I talked to you at the store and you said I would be limited to what plants I could get with my current light.

benzjamin13 says:

Nice Video!  I just started a dirted 40B.  My main concern is the Rotala Indica and Amazon Swords.  Do you think the Planted Plus is good enough or should I go with the Ray 2?  I currently have the plants in a 20L with a dual T5HO, but the plant seems stunted.  The trimmings are really small.  And the leaves on the Swords are looking terrible.  Think I need more lighting?  I might also add some Blyxa Japonica and Pogostemon Helferi.

Michael Pagan says:

Cool thanks I’m going to do a dirt tank that dont matter

Michael Pagan says:

Yea in a few weeks I will have it looking nice but I’m not sure what should I do my tank had a chip on the corner of my tank should I buy a new one or just put, silicone it

videoforgeeks says:

Great video Angelo…nice to see the line of Finnex compared on one tank.  I am looking to get a 150 gallon high tank (48″W x 24″D x 30″H) artificial plants.  One thing that I have noticed that the Finnex do not have a controller or timer functions so I am assuming it is plug in and bam!  Could you recommend a way to get the inexpensive led option with the ability to control dimming, timer and include moonlights?

Hectorisking Hinojosa says:

What type of substrate are you using? I’m cycling a 29 gallon tank right now. I’m using carib sea black Hawaii sand. would that be ok to use for plants? I just got my finnex 24/7

electric water says:

Brilliant set up u have

Marco Carvalho says:

Hi, does it work on 220v?

Tetra3Ne56scur says:

hey Angelo ! it’s been a while ! it’s me Jenny Velasquez ! so who you gave your crabs too?? love this tank , cool

James Kopecky says:

Exactly what I was looking for. Great video.

angelcraze 555 says:

Very good review, I like how you demonstrated pretty much all of the Finnex options and combinations, nice of you to share.  I know I will be alone, but I actually like the look of just the MosnterRay.  Subdued and reddish.  Wish it would grow plants like that LOL, I would just buy that.  

Mike Kollin says:

I have the fuge ray planted plus…
I found out it does not work for a tank over 18″ because of the Par…
So I am putting it onto a lower tank that is about 14 inches tall…
So by the time I put the substrate in, it will be about 11 to 12 inches from the top of the substrate…

Johnny Ventura says:

Angelo, I’m looking to get the ray 2 for 210 gallon tank, but I’m not sure how many I should get. I understand too much and it would create algae problems, the tank it’s 72 long by 24 wide and 29 high. Thanks

Tanner Gittins says:

Awesome video! Definitely give it a +1! I was wondering if you would mind answering a question for me? I currently have a 75 gallon highly planted aquarium. I’m currently cultivating HC (baby dwarf tears) Glosso, Cyperus Helferi, Red Ludwigia, and two red rotala. I’m using 4 t5 bulbs and just not seeing the results I want. I grow ludwigia in a nano cube with my beta like crazy and that is off a tiny little nat geo led I bought at pets’mart because I thought it looked cool. I’m seriously thinking about switching over to LED for a few reasons. I think my plants will benefit from it, it will not make my water temp fluctuate like the t5’s do, and honestly I like how that light looks in the water better. My tank dimensions are 48.5″L x 18.5″W x 21.125″H. Now, do you think one Finnex Fugeray Planted+ 48″ would be enough lighting or do I need to consider adding more? If you could respond it would be HIGHLY appreciated. Thanks so much, and again, great video. 

oeo1977 says:

Thank you so much for sharing, great info for making a $$$ decision.

谢峰 says:

We have a new design smart controller aquarium light, very much more function.~
The price are good.
We now looking for the distribtor.

VLadokk Charlie says:

Very nice!

Hilde says:

What is the height of the tank?

Michelle Finley says:

What light would you recommend for low to med light plants for a 45 gal tall tank

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