Finnex Planted Plus 24/7 LED light (review)

This is another great light made by Finnex. I was fortunate enough to get my hands on one early to do a review for them. If you have any questions about the light, please don’t hesitate to comment below. Thanks for watching!


Paul Chippington says:

Great review I am needing new lights soon for my Tropheus tank, its not planted but love the 24/7 option hope its available here in the uk. Thank you for posting

Jamie Saker says:

Thanks for the review. I just added a 30′ in one aquarium and will be adding a second as soon as it’s in to the 55 gal. tank. Extremely pleased so far given the LEDs that came with the store-bought kit have been insufficient in providing needed light for several of my fussier plants. Love your planted aquariums, by the way!

Feebass says:

Great review! Thank you so much for taking the time to do this! I’m new to planted tanks and have been having a hard time picking a light fixture. This one looks like it might be “The Chosen One!”

millionaire tan says:

imo, the more complicated the LED functions are, the easier some will not work sooner.

Kiet Le says:

Do you think this light will be enough to carpet a 30x12x18? Roughly 16 inch deep.

MusicandLiterature says:

Caveat emptor!
There are many negative reviews of this aquarium light on Amazon. Even the more positive evaluations often express important reservations. The product in question apparently has many flaws, some of them serious. In the light of the criticisms published on Amazon’s website I personally would not consider purchasing this light. Moreover, a large number of the positive reviews posted there reflect initial impressions and therefore do not reflect long-term use of the fixture. In general, such reviews are premature. The one presented here on YouTube by Cam’s Jungle Aquaria falls into that category. Only reports based on more extensive use of any product are credible and useful.

Simon Caudery says:

Can the light be adjusted to length my tank is 39″ long

TechGuru4U says:

Can you set a color like blue to come on at a specific time then switch to max with white then back to blue at a time ?
Basically a dual light timer …

Pa. Fish Preacher says:

does it get very hot?

Autocrator says:

Hi good afternoon. What lumen have you in your lamp? i will thank

Manuel T says:

I just stall the light the only thing that I don’t like is the in the 24/7 is no way to know in what time is. How can i set up to the correct time?

Flash The Hyena says:

I want this light but sadly I can’t afford it

Karyssa Shea says:

will this be okay for a topless tank?

Mason Dyer says:

Do they have for the 10 gallon tank

Corner Tank Corner says:

Very good review. Thank you!

Yasser Al-Khateeb says:

I bought the new one Planted+24/7 before 1 week. So, what you advise us to run in in the max mode for 8hours with co2 ON same time or keep in in 24 mode and run the co2 from 9am to 3pm?

gregg horner says:

The remote is crap. Mine never worked consistently and finally died on me. However the light still works on a constant 24/7 mode. If I unplug it  for some reason and then plug it back in,  the light will automatically set itself for 6am and start the 24/ 7 cycle.

joeashbubemma says:

I love these heavily planted tanks, just awesome! I’m pretty happy with the 24/7 so far. Great review!

Jim Miller says:

You mention having the CO2 on. Can you explain what that means?

David Munoz says:

Hi – great video. Why aren’t you using a glass canopy over the tank to protect the light? I also noticed that you don’t seem to have a filter on this tank. Any reason why?

yep says:

hi. you still having the jungle tank?
just want to copy thid except no co2. excel is ok. just saving for a system. have you tried ludwigia and sagittaria in same tank? are they both medium light?

Bryan Barley says:

Awesome tank. Can you break down what you’re running on it filter wise and also what your dose regiment is? 55gal?

Rashed Mawlavizada says:

I have a 11 gallon tank. Which size to get?

Marco Carvalho says:

Hi, does it work on 220v?

Michael Piccirillo says:

Fish need to have it pitch black- all lights off like in real life. When you leave your 3AM dark dim blue lights are still lighted tank & fish do not go into their innate sleep cycle, insomnia bro
* But adding an Advil PM reactor in your sump, your fish will thank you for it 🙂

Have you found a tank light that has great Shimmer Effects under $150?
I know Kessil & another light does it but I wasn’t able to find anything decent

Midnight2534 says:

What would be the best co2 schedule when using the light in 24/7 mode? Planning on putting one of these on a 10 gal with co2 but I’m not sure when would be the best time for the co2 to kick on and kick off.

Flick says:

Rip Cam.

Eric Faklaris says:

Awesome tank! What are you using for co2? I just got this light I’m trying to figure out the best way to balance out the lighting and co2 levels

Dale Labell says:

great vid I just bought this for my 65 gallon.

Matt M says:

How’s your tank running? Been awhile and I’m trying to get my tank back to the way it was. Been busy working for the last 2 years and never really had time for planted tank. Most of the people I followed on here haven’t done a video for a year or 2. Just following up.

garneroutlaw1 says:

Careful buyers. There has been reported issues of this products longevity and reliability. I just sent mine in due to the red LEDs just giving out. I know that dozens others are reporting similar issues with this particular model.

Dead Cells says:

They are so pricey, i can imagine they are worth the buy… but if your just looking for cheap DIY project for lights i have always just use your standard GU10 leds. if you want more content im pretty sure DIY KING has covered this in one his videos

Adam Parker says:

Can you set the custom 4 colors to be set to a timer? I have a 24/7 but couldn’t figure out if that is possible. My 24/7 setting isn’t working well for my plants. Thanks

xisotopex says:

how adjustable is the light if your aquarium is not its exact dimensions?

Keeping IT Fishy says:

have u ever not ran co2? or are those not all low light plants?

Michel Carrasquel says:


Bryan Colliver says:

the quality and customer support suck. 1 had 3 of the plant 24 1 broke 3 days after i got it no help from customer support, i have now moved to the hagen pro light and it is 1000 times nice

Scott Danziger says:

How would you compare Finnex with other LED’s. ?

dallasdrift says:

What size tank is this light on? A 40 breeder?

Dr. Death says:

Great vid, you should link an amazon referral link

Unite says:

Considering upgrading to this light in the near future but was wondering if you would still recommend this product or if you have any other ones to recommend

TechGuru4U says:

Think it’s bright enough for a 75gal. with medium light plants ?

Dylan Martin says:

Wish I could afford this can’t even afford another filter cartridge

Efrain Ramos says:

hit me up

Javier Gomez says:

I want to get both these fixtures for my 29 gal. About how many watts per gallon would they give off? Right now I have the planted plus at about 18″ from the substrate and I’m having trouble growing telanthera reineckii, which is also due to bba. My excel dosing is probably off so I think I’ll cut the co2 but my main concern is whether both these fixtures or 2 planted+ will give me better PAR to improve carpet plant growth. Pls reply.

Chris Cool says:

I noticed you have an Eheim filter in the back (green tubes)… I recommend you get the surface skimmer by Eheim (Skim350), its only about $30 and it clears your water surface nicely.
I can see its a bit dirty and blocks some of the lights for your plants

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