Finnex Planted Plus + 24/7 PAR Ratings Review

Finnex Planted Plus + 24/7 PAR Ratings unboxing. We test it with a PAR meter. We test it on a 20 gallon high aquarium. These are great lights and will well for most planted aquariums both low light and high tech.


Husain Alqabandi says:

hi. this work with 110v/220v?

AquaLady 420 says:

This is what I was looking for. Thanks.

CB171310 says:

I’m trying to decide what light I should go with on my 60 gallon tall. I have it narrowed down between this light and the current satellite plus. In your opinion which light would be better for me to buy? Also which light seems to be made better?

lynsey howell says:

also will it make any difference whether the inline diffuser is behind or in front of the inline heater

RenegadeDanny says:

Can you do a video with it on a planted tank? Show how the plants look under the light.

bman2013 says:

hi – any idea what difference between the finnex planted plus 24/7 vs the fugeray planted +?

strictlyformyninja says:

Can this be put on a plug-in timer? Let’s say I want to just have 6 hours of light instead of a normal 24/7 light cycle, when plugged in, do the lights automatically come on?

KingKoopa __ says:

what would be the par for a 45gl tall 24in depth 36 in long 13 width please help

samuricexful says:

It’s been two months, what is your opinion on it now?  Please update, it’s coming out soon!

lynsey howell says:

I just got one for my first planted aquarium, it’s not up and running yet, my question is I would like to leave it on the 24/7 mode but in my mind this will surely cause problems with my co2 injection as the lights intensity varies throughout the day, any thoughts?

Tim M says:

Hey! Is your fish store still open?

Shawn Eckhart says:

hey cory, love the videos lots of great knowledge. i am getting into a 40b planted tank build, want to do a medium and low light plants, low tech setup with liquid fert, root tabs, and liquid carbon. would 2 finnex 24/7 work or should i go with a different lighting for best plant growth?

East Allen Aquatics says:

Be hot this bad boy on my 55 and it’s great!

theepan29 says:

hey so i just want to confirm by 20 gallon high , u mean 17 inches depth right , so its 60 par @ 17 inches is that correct ? thanks for the video


What’s the difference between the SE planted and non- SE planted?

Ryan Brown says:

to much for 20 gallon long?

Sam Hadley says:

Would this be suitable for a reef tank?

Russ Polk says:

so is max equal to t5 hi output

Daniel Robot-maker says:

Would you recommend this to a beginner to planted aquarium hobby for low to medium light plants?

Michael Gumm says:

Very nice, got mine pre-ordered already : )

Aleos Oricos says:

What par meter do you use?

Corner Tank Corner says:

This is a great looking light!  
I do have one question though.  Will the power supply be CSA approved for Canadian market and will it be sold in Canada? I really hope so.

jlantican85 says:

I hear the Finnex Planted+ 24/7 SE is out. Cant wait to see the PAR rating on those bad boys!

HUD52504 says:

A month away.

Marco Carvalho says:

Hi, does it work on 220v?

JESUS is GOD says:

Where you been?

Alec K says:

Would this light produce a shimmer effect if there is enough surface agitation?

Nathan Springle says:

Think this would be a good light for a planted 55 gallon with low light plants?

Ant Khan says:

wondering how deep is the tank you are taking the readings in?

Martin Šašala says:

Does this light have levels of intenzity able to set up just for example 50% or just 70% still ?

Bajaheat says:

What’s the best low tech planted light under $100 for my 20 long? In your opinion

Astro theultimate says:

Can’t wait to get this!

Ty Dang says:

thank you for doing this review…my question is can the legs adjust to go inwards for smaller tanks?

Min FishGuy says:

So, for recommendation, should I put 24/7 mode or just use timer with 8 hours of max mode for planted tank?

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