Finnex Stingray Led – Aquarium Lighting Review

We feature the Finnex Stingray LED in this Aquarium Lighting Review video. I consider this a great light for a low lighted tank.

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phillymanpete says:

Cheung, two Kessil Tuna Sun 160’s on that office tank. Problem solved! 🙂 Cost $320 plus tax. Good work on the vid!~

QueAquatics says:

Thank you for the review and all your help!!

ZombieDeathStalker says:

Sweet light. Love to see the lux measurement with a phone app. I downloaded a few and all are about the same. Free. I give up converting lux to par. To many maths. Those apps measure something though.

NYGOLD says:

Always great info delivered professionally.    Well done as usual.

Everything I Know says:

Nice one !

Tina Genovesi says:

very useful thanks alot i myself am hinting to my husband for the finnex 24/7 light for Xmas .

AKL_ Gaming says:

Verry nice video sir thanks. Happy fishkeeping

Pio Tuzon says:

Very impormative video. But what can you say about fluval 3.0 bluetooth vs this fenix stingray. Thinking of buying fluval is it worth for its price? I think its much higher than fenix stingray.

Fishman says:

Clear concise review. Thanks

Tin Bui says:

I have a 20g long and run a nicrew and it works pretty amazing. I am considering a finnex stingray or beamswork when my nicrew do burn out. I have had the nicrew for 3 months or so now.

ItsMilk Foo says:

What do you recommend for a 20 gallon? For plants for as thin as possible

A.C. Aquatics says:

Very informative video. I have bought the Beamswork Da models for a couple of my tanks and would really like to see a review on that fixture. Thanks for sharing and as always do what you do if it works for you.

Chris Diehl says:

What’s an inexpensive medium to high light led fixture that doesn’t involve diy?

The Planted Tank says:

You are not supposed to take the rubber piece off the the switch. Lol it voids your warranty.

Anthony Ragan says:

I have a stingray on a low-tech Aqueon 20-long. Love the light, but, yeah, I hate those legs. Way too loose. It doesn’t seem secure at all.

The Water Box says:

Do you use the Finnex Stingray? What do you think?

Lacey D Sutton says:

I had a hood I bought with a used 10 gallon which had 2 old incadecent bulbs in it. Well, they finally burnt out a few weeks back, and looking into it I could either replace them for ~$10, or get a stingray to fit the glass window for ~$19. Brighter, longer lasting, and energy efficient, so it was a no-brainer. I have never used the legs because this rests directly onto the hood glass without issue. HOWEVER I’m not as impressed with the light it puts out as I am with the COODIA and NICREW LEDs I have purchased off of Amazon and eBay. I actually thought one of my endler fry had ich, because it made the developing iridescent spots on his tail look 3D. In the light of day I could see that they were just part of his coloring. But as the low-light and inexpensive option I could get through my lfs, and as this is only on one of my fry grow-out/quarantine setups, it does the job OK. What plants are in this setup are going OK, but not going nuts like in the NICREW and COODIA tanks.

Damian Bloodstone says:

Good review. Thanks for making the vid on it.

PastTheDirtRoad says:

Glad I’m not the only one who gets excited over box art

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