Finnex StingRAY LED Clip Light for Aquarium Review. PAR Data included!

Finnex StingRAY LED Clip Light for Aquarium Review. PAR Data included! I had someone ask me on twitter to make this video since the PAR Data didn’t exist. Well now it does. Enjoy!
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Cody Reed says:

Alot of par data for reef lights usually take a shot at the bottom, then move the par sensor to the middle of the tank and then lastly just below the surface of the water. Gives alot better information on the light output.

inthego says:

I know you said that your review videos are not as popular but they are mondo important to us that want more info before putting down our $$ and a costly item. THANKS CORY!

Audrey Berkan says:

I’m setting up a 5.5 standard tank for a betta an plant on growing crypts, buce, ferns , annubias. The depth with gravel i think would be about 7-8 in from the light. Would this light work to grow stem plants like ludwigia sp. red and lacustris, swarf sag, lobelia cardinalis or hygro araguaia? I’ve been told these are hardier plants. I appreciate your videos they are very helpful.

NYREPS says:

Finnex’s stuff may not be top of the line but their products works and works great and last for many many years

mummaV2 says:

Hi Cory
What’s happening with your studio tank? Is it the glass or filter or ??? making it still look cloudy?

AGDFRY says:

these cost $60-$80 in uk what a rip off

BolivianFishKeeper says:

Never heard good things about finnex products .
This is the first time I hear something positive , but it may be because you are selling it and see of their products on his videos .

Maybe I try one

ilikeguppies says:

Thanks for reviewing Stingray led clip I might buy it because my light cfl 10watt is too strong for my 2.5 gallon low planted tank and im getting algae problem

Paul Narciso says:

so at the distance of 12″ from the light to the meter is at 17 par, correct?

brennaecho says:

this is a good review. it’s now in my Amazon list to purchase! thanks for doing the par rating

Kellie Altieri says:

would this be enough juice for a 10 gallon planted tank?

Michael Rodriguez says:

Cory would the finnex planted plus clip on work for a 10 gallon tank? I’m trying to carpet Monte Carlo in my tank.

Stephen Bamber says:

I wish I could just go to the shop and buy one of these in the UK for £15. I payed £35 for one of those rubbish White LEDs with suction cups. Everything is so much more expensive here.

The Fish Closet says:

I don’t know, would’ve made more sense if you tested it with a tank it was sized with

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