Fluval 3.0 LED Light Review!

In this video, I will look over the Fluval 3.0 LED Light and Review! Call this a review, it really just a take on the light after I have been using it for a while!

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Catfish Cave says:

I have two on my 180 and I adore them – finally a decent sunrise/set option! Moon…. or no moon – Yay!!

jjskn93 says:

I’v been after one of these 4 a while, but fluval isn’t selling them in the uk until the later half of the year.

Bentley Pascoe says:

I have 3 now, love them. Especially love that if I’m not running the light at full blast, I can still video tanks without a weird flicker like the old 2.0s did. App has had a couple updates since launch which is very promising for potential future upgrades in the software/controller side. Nice review Joel!

KG cichlids says:

I need one!

Damian Bloodstone says:

Hi, great vid on the light as usual for your vids and content.
I have a question about it though. Does it still lose the settings after a power outage? I’d heard it only comes back on full/max and won’t return to cycling mode unless reprogrammed by your Bluetooth device again. I have quite a few power blips here at times is why I ask.

P0HTAT0 says:

I’m trying to weigh the cost of these things verse the running cost of my T5 setup. The 4 I’d need would be an up front cost of around $740 and the running cost would only drop about a third for me. Nice lights but unfortunately not for me.

Richard Schreiber says:

It’s uses Bluetooth not WiFi connection.

Big Texs' Tanks says:

U said along those lines lol

Grimm Reapo says:

so its basically a gimmick. a $400 gimmick. i’ll stick with the $50 Nicrew thnx lol

b bardy says:

These lights might be cool but in Aus they are about double the price of what you pay in US.

Weezy says:

Get some Kessils and/or Radions on your tanks!! I’m sure those companies would give you the stuff.

phil emerson - Soapbox Debris says:

great info, always with the deep knowledge. thank you for sharing, right on!!

The Aquarium Noob says:

Do you know anything about the fluval aquaskys?

SC Aquatics says:

First hahahahahahaa

Richard Schreiber says:

If it has Bluetooth built in, yes you can use a WiFi hub, however it clearly states on the box, in the manual and actually using it on my own tank setups, it really meant to be used exclusively using a Bluetooth connection which almost any cellphone or tablet using iOS or Android have built in.

bald and dangerous says:

forgot to say ,they are not out in the uk yet,but going by the prices here for the 2.0 we will pay as usual a lot more for the 3.0 than you have …….

Ad Astra says:

Smokin arms n’ Rummy-nose disco fish review, thanks 😉

Tampa Tom says:

Like it before you watch it

CJ Black says:

Good info, Right now I’m on an Aquaneat budget, but I see one or two Fluval LEDs in my future- Thanks for the review

Estomago 10West Bikerz says:

Is it Bluetooth or Wi-Fi?

ShelbyRae Lane says:

Great review. #Fluvalstrippin

Shelley G. says:

Nice….glad you did this video

Mister B’s -fish and things says:

Do you think it’s worth the $ compared to just an average light and a timer?

The Turtle Girl says:

Ayyy first?

Corvus Oscen says:

If you feel like checking these lights out in your own fish room, check the link! https://bit.ly/2FKRWNc

Alex Royster says:

#Fluval’sUnclubbable Sweet looking light they made though!

bald and dangerous says:

a bit out of this old boys price range lol,but looks to be a great bit of kit,great review as usual……all the best………..dougie

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