Fluval Aquasky Aquarium LED Light Review

The Fluval Aquasky is an LED light with many features. Superbright 6500K white LEDs and RGB LEDs for colour changing, with a remote to control the unit.

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Danny Dovii says:

I have no plants. Just sand and wood!
I’m a big cichlid keeper,and just want better lights! as I have two 4x2x2s in my front room and I’m not happy with the old grow lux tubes that are currently on them. But as I said I was concerned that a 39 inch aquasky might not do it.
But now I think that this will work and a better way to go…would you agree?

skinsgirl3 says:

Have you had any experience using a timer with this light?

AquaLady 420 says:

thanks for the video. Very detailed

TheMojophotos says:

Would 2 of these be better than 1 fresh & plant unit on my 200ltr Fluval Roma? I would prefer these as I can still use the original hood and replace the T8’s. In wattage alone the 2 Aquasky’s total 50 watts verses the 48 watts of the Fresh & Grow but obviously the colour spectrum and par values play a big part too.

Theodore Davidson says:

is this led light suitable for java fern, anubias, crypts

Marckeymarc says:

to get better color turn the black all the way down then turn another all the way up

Danny Dovii says:

How has this light held up since you been running it???
Also do you find it lights well at gravel depth? And do you get any dark areas in a tank of that size?

M deleo says:

How do I make deep ornage or yellow with these lights? I have them and I don’t know if my orange or yellow aren’t working. I start with orange and it will be light but I cant get it darker 🙁

Stephen Bamber says:

So there water proof then?

Fishkeeper63 says:

Are these good for bringing out fish’s colours compared to florescent tubes?

Stephen Bamber says:

Do they grow jarva fern or just keep it alive?

Danny Dovii says:

Hello can you tell me the size of you tank dimensions plz. I’v been dubious about putting one of these lights on my 4x2x2. Concerned that it won’t do the job!!!
But seeing your vid has give me an idea now that the 39 inch aquasky just might cut it???

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