Fluval LED Aquarium Light

Finally got one of the Fluval 3.0 Aquarium LED Lights. It’s actually really fun to play with!
Get it here: http://bit.ly/2JxzvOF


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Philadelphia Aquatic Experience says:

What light would you recommend for a 55 gallon for Med/High light?

Zacks Tanks Crazy Aquarium Guy says:

Yep, I also love that Fluval makes long cords! 🙂 Congratz on your new plant light my friend.

Avery Hill says:

100% underated youtuber!!

Michael Mitchell says:

Which one would you choose for a 29 gallon bowfront with a mix of plants?…does the co-op carry the 2.0 anymore steen?…. The web site only has the 3.0…

Dr Ted says:

Awhile back someone mentioned you’re sponsored by ‘Fleshlight’ so when are you doing a review on it? LEDs i supposed..

Ginger Graves says:

I got my first one from the coop 15% off sale. I’m not sure that I’m smart enough for the light! LOL

The Fishy Life ! says:

Yes the 2.0 is brighter and does have more LEDs…… the only thing I can think of is it’s about max profit!? Do you agree or am I missing something… still a great light , Don’t get me wrong..

Courtz courtz says:

Did Jimmy edit this??? If not we’ll done upping your game lol

Tony Gonzalez says:

What is the brand/name of the sand being used in this tank? Thanks

Cory Nelson says:

Are you running a CO2 on your planted tanks

pattack7 says:

2.0 definitely brighter..honestly not a big fan of the fluval lights and I feel like they are behind in the market…I have an AI Prime over my nuvo 20 and aquamaxx Nemo Light on my nuvo 10..I been using salt lights over my tanks for a little white and seen much better growth just for the reason of spectrum the lights produce

Dope Aquariums says:

I herd that those lights are the same it just that 3.0 has blue tooth

Steenfott Aquatics says:

Thank you for watching,
Get the light here: http://bit.ly/2JxzvOF

Cris Vega says:

Crazy to me that the fluval lights offer much more length in power cord than any tech products. I need the option of a 28.5 cord for my laptop lol.

J Lathem says:

Can you run 2 or 4 in series off a single power supply?

Chris Corbell says:

For my fish tanks the 2.0 at 7500k works great but if you are looking for a more natural light for terrariums the 3.0 is it. I tried a 2.0 on one of my dart frog terrariums and it looked horrible. 3.0 looks amazing.

EO Rhino says:

I have one. Loving it.

D.P.K Fish Aquariums says:

Lol bob love the thumbnail it really shows the kid side inside u when getting cool goodies for ur hobby trust me those smile things makes me smile n really takes my mind off things in life thank u for being u stay bless my friend.

Pavilion End says:

Fish room tour/update video please bob

Mike Jurnak says:

Going to be the next light I buy for sure ✌

g bear says:

Just got my 3.0 ehhh I think the 2.0 is a better constructed light and it’s brighter I have them together on a 5 ‘ 120 gal.. did fluval get a little greedy take away here and say well it’s got Bluetooth

Andrew Goldfish says:

I have 2,0s on my 125 G dirt planted goldfish tank. Kind of bummed a bit that I won’t be able to replace them with the same thing eventually. But got to love the waterproofing part. Thanks for showing it in action.

Josh Booth says:

On the comparisons, split the screen on the same shot, looks at lot better and can tell a lot easier 🙂

Simon Shaw says:

I think the 2.0 is much better, more LEDs and just and all round better light. I can’t tell any difference when growing plants. It’s like asking which is better, FX5 or FX6, well they’re both pretty much the same, except one is updated. So if you have a 2.0 no need to replace it with a 3.0, the same as if you have an FX5, no need to upgrade as you won’t be gaining much from an upgrade to even notice, apart from the dent in your wallet.

Good video tho Bob, thanks.

Daniel Dulu says:

very versatile light. You need mid to top level fish in that tank.

theREALmypawgi says:

planning to have those but…its quite hard to have one here in UAE

Jeff's Aquarium Hobby Enjoyment says:

Seems like the 3.0 is an upgrade on functionality and a downgrade on performance from the 2.0.

ShelbyRae Lane says:

I need a couple new lights, it’s on my…to do, have to get, list for this coming year.

Philadelphia Aquatic Experience says:

Hey steen when you had your tank in the garage what size heater did you use

Rob L says:

Do you find the 3.0 runs very hot to touch?

Tyler says:

Watching you with my baby boy and you put him to sleep thanks bob 😀 jk man good stuff as always 🙂

Cory Nelson says:

What kind of substrate are you using for your planted tanks

Bernhard Kawell says:

Nice to have. .but must be not a must have. .the difference between 2.0 and 3.0 are to low in my opinion. Maybe they planned morgen “goodies ” next time. The 2.0 still does his duty every Single day. ..

Barry D. says:

Do i need a controler voor the 3.0 .???

xVOLTx says:

Is it true if the power goes out it won’t reset when power is restored?

steven mills says:

Love it looks amazing but I have a fish box 120 I bought of someone and mine had screw lights built in the lid won’t be able to get this ;( gutted cuz the lid of the tank won’t close down can you get aqauarium screw bulbs tha change colour?

Jerod Weaver says:

I just bought one can’t wait to set it up in my 20 Gallon Planted

BigDSmoke says:

Absolutely agree on the chord length, hate those short chords. Just ordered my fist Fluval 3.0 from Aquarium CoOp yesterday can’t wait to check it out!!

Big City Bettas says:

30 seconds in and I honestly feel like I’m watching a commercial for this light. lol Love it

rich andy says:

Thanks Bob.

MickMaan says:

Just got mine yesterday and was disappointed with the app control. I was expecting to be able to control each individual colour separately so I could have a nice pink sunrise, gradually brightening up to the whites for midday then in to the yellow for sunset before finally fading in to blue for the evening moonlight then turning off completely for the night. Unfortunately we can’t do that yet but I have received a message from Fluval on Youtube saying that that level of control will be implemented in the next app update, so here’s hoping that is true and we get the full 24 hour customization. Then the 3.0 will be worth it.
But if you’re not interested in that colour control and just want the lights to come on full and then go off then I’d say just go for 2.0 and stick it on a timer.

Colin Barsby says:

So much to like 🙂

augoldfinger says:

Great thanks for the video.
I have been wanting to replace my Finnex 24/7
I just want more light without going to T5. I have been trying to decide between the 2.0 or the 3.0
Thanks again

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