Fluval LED Aquarium Lighting (Full Range)

Highlighting the 2015 LED series for fresh- and saltwater aquariums, including high-performance strip lights, compact and powerful nano lights, remote control operation, ramp-timer compatibility, endless color blends and much more. For more information, visit Fluval USA at http://bit.ly/1O1NxGA


chuttoo safick says:

hi do u make international delivery

John Chandy says:

Is it suitable for a 18″

bmedeiros678 says:

I contacted technical support days ago asking if the legs can be removed and haven’t heard back.

BALD8BIL says:

why do we need the red green and blue  led for and how long do we keep each color on ?

Vien Ton says:

I want to replace the LED light in my Vista 8.5 gallon, is it possible with any of these lights? or will I have to remove the whole plastic hood.

Ashley Walters says:

I’m thinking of upgrading my t8 lights on my roma 200 to aquasky with t8 adapter. If I replace both tubes, would it be overkill or are they designed to replace both??

Kevin Castellanos says:

fluval always making me spend money lol

Nini Martin says:

The following is:

The best lighting for African cichlids is Blau Lumina Led 152 special reef

But, you have to know how to program it, do not use automatic programming

Schedule manual

My aquarium is 2 meters long and is lined back and sides with panels of – Juwel

So the light gets more concentrated in the aquarium

To avoid excessive light and the opposite

The programation:

Coordinates 10 South

                        34 East

Midday Function 15:30

Intensity Filter – 60% – yes, – 60% Lake Malawi is deep

Nubellate Days, to your taste, 2 to 5%, as Africa is constant heat and rains little as we have already decreased the light intensity I recommend 2% for occurrence of cloudy days

The Blau Lumina Led 152 special reef – special reef is expectular for dusk with its dimming channels – 2 actinic LED lights per plate

And dawn is also phenomenal

Amy Mimi says:

Does the Fresh 2.0 work with the fluval wifi?????

colinbarsby says:

Great Aquariums need great lighting.Thanks for sharing this video.

sunchyme59 says:

i’d like to add one of these to my 46 gallon bow front. what size would I need?

Fluval Aquatics says:

@Eric Rogers, to get consistent performance from the touch switch make sure you place the top portion of your finger (pad) so it covers the whole switch. It also helps to avoid poking and jabbing-type motions.

YoFlix Twix says:

I have a Fluval Venezia 350 and the lighting units both got damaged in my house move – they are too expensive (and outdated now) to directly replace. Light units & hood flap set are in place already. How do you recommend me fitting one or two Aquasky LEDs to my existing set up ?

Oscar Ramos de la Rosa says:

lights for fluval chi 5 gallons? please

MastaWin says:

anyone know what track is used in this video?

Eric Rogers says:

Hope they have a better set up on the touch one’s I have the 2.0 and the button sucks ass almost returned it you can not get that button to do anything!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

sean junkin says:

I like the music. 🙂

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