Fluval Plant Spectrum LED Light Review – Fluval 3.0

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**** About This Video ****

In this video Tyler Turman from Aquariums With Ty checks out the Fluval Plant Spectrum led light or Fluval 3.0 LED. This led light review is a quick overview of the this spiffy light and tech that comes with it. Fluval launched the plant spectrum led light recently and it looks like it will replace the Fluval 2.0. With this light you can effectively grow plants with the proper husbandry of a planted aquarium. Just remember that lighting is a small yet important part of having a successful planted aquarium. Finding the right lighting can be overwhelming so I made this review to help you find the right led light for your aquarium.


sossepanter says:

if i buy one in USA would i be able to use it in Europe? can i see the input power apdapter specs please?

Beginnero 33 says:

for your fish tank one light is definitelly not inaf!YOu will need at least 2 -3 for growing plants!

79ninzombie says:

48inch Vivagrow does OK on low to mid level plants.

Spencer Hinton says:

Looks nice does it help your fish acclimate to their new environment faster

Maxine’s 2 aquariums says:

Would this be a good light for low light plants like java fern, or would I be better of going for something like fluval aquasky 2.0

Golden Fish Tanks says:

The setting for different light temperatures is nice.

bambikiller338 says:

Does this light connect to wifi so I can turn it on and off while I am at work with the app?

A.C. Aquatics says:

New subscriber here…great video on what seems to be a great light. Unfortunately for me the major turn off is price. With 18 planted tanks there’s no way myself or anyone could afford these lights for all my tanks. I’m currently using Beamswork Da 6500k LEDs on my display tanks and on my breeding rack I use a led shop light I found at Sam’s Club. They all work well enough for my needs. Thanks for sharing and as always do what you do if it works for you.

Uriel Corza says:

Welcome back brah!!

John Wine says:

Super good vid dawg!

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