Fluval Sea Marine & Reef 3.0 LED Light Review and Comparison (on an African Cichlid Aquarium)

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Programmable, gradual 24-hour light cycle settings (sunrise, midday, sunset and night)
7 unique band waves for full spectrum results
Independent color control
Optional pre-set habitat light configurations (Sunny Reef, Deep Sea Glo, Color Burst)
The new generation of H.T.E (High Thermal Efficiency) LEDs function at a higher operating temperature, providing improved long-term light output and spectral performance
Fully encased aluminum shell provides effective heat transfer and improved protection from water intrusion and humidity
50% lighter, smoother frame than previous generation
Industry leading IP67 waterproof rating – light can be mounted directly above water surface for greater light penetration
Larger Touch-Switch surface and design offers stable control without any fuss
Deep coverage – each individual LED casts 120° of illumination for wider, uniform lighting without dead spots


Mister B’s -fish and things says:

Nice light. Tnks for review.

Wicked Tanks NC says:

Looks great, John. I’d love to get my hands one one! Light me, bro!

Ultimate Fishkeeping Show says:

Hi John.
Thank you for sharing.
Great review on the Fluval Lights.
The Aquarium looks great.

Gave the video a big thumbs up.

Kind regards


Bumpy says:

I own several 3.0 plants spectrum lights and I love them. Could be a few more options but the light spectrum modifying can really help control algae for example. They can run hot when on full blast but nothing major.

Johnny G Outdoors says:

Does it still simulate storms like the older version?

Prime Time Aquatics says:

Nice comparison!

Jay Wilson says:

Let’s do it intro a sweet mullet just slowly head banging to your music and than morph the mullet off to your head.

Brian's Fish Tanks says:

Looks like a great light!

Racing's Natural Aquariums says:

Light and tank look great! Thanks for the review.

Bryan Bennington says:

Where’d you get your fish artwork

Ben Coad says:

that is a cheap light lol usually 300-600 for a 3 footer heh

powerwh33ls says:

Does this light make the fish look any different than the plant 3.0?
I don’t have plants, but I thought maybe if I wanted them in the future I might go with the plant 3.0. However, if this makes my cichlids look better, than this is what I want.

Philthy Tanks says:

Looks like a great light, I’ve been contemplating getting into saltwater for a while now, just need the room for 1 more tank!

QueAquatics says:

Awesome review! Thank you

Jacob's Aquarium says:


greennavy2006 says:

reef brights also do a great job!!!!!

Enix Sound says:

Don’t forget, you also get a 3 year warranty and it’s IP67 waterproof rated.

MatthewsReef Zahler says:

The colors look great and I like how slim they are. Pretty affordable too!

Dali Vigil says:

Mmm kinda like the one that came with the tank lol the marine has tooo much blue for my taste but awesome I just ordered a current USA Serene kit

Gurvinder Parmar says:

I’ve always thought a marine light would look good on an African Cichlid tank.

Mike Vivirito says:

At the Fish Room retail store in Raleigh, NC we use these Fluval lights on our African cichlid tanks too!

Stanford Tanaka says:

Cute dogs man

KGTropicals says:

Here’s the link to the Aquarium Co-Op site if you wanna pick up one up. http://bit.ly/2RZEFpJ

new england endler says:

save some money and go on ebay and get some aquaneats  I got one 2 years ago and a larger one that looks like a aquaneat and no problems

Vlog Cat 101 says:

Please help me with my guppies anyone please because i have 8 guppies but in a 2.5 gallon tank so will they die?

Nathan Bowers says:

How do I join the giveaway for the light on aquarium coop

Candi Overhuls says:

Thanks for a great video!

Pres Web says:

Love it John!

Tom McLaughlin says:

There’s no give away on any light. It’s a come on.

BigDsmoke says:

Great video. And ya definitely did a great job showing the light especially the difference between that & a regular light.

FishDad1 Chad H says:


Lime Boy Fish says:

Looks great! Thanks for showing the difference on your tank between the two lights – helpful.

Aseem George Nelson says:

Sir I am from India and i learn a lot from you regarding cichlids thanks sir and mam

Naderz irelend says:

i love my fluval planted light also 3.0 lol its does an amazing job of lighting up my cichlids

Alex L says:

Best light to get is the current USA freshwater best light every has many color schemes and bright.

dylans little hobies on youtube says:

I have the nano plant fluval light

Bryan Riendeau says:

Nice review

Ry Mac cichlids says:

Good review for sure love Fluval stuff 75 k subs good for you John well deserved

greennavy2006 says:

the reds and greens inhibit Algae growth Ai Fresh water primes would do a better job better company and light control

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