Green Element EVO 24″-30″ LED Aquarium Light Fixture – Plant 16x3W PAR Review

Green Element EVO 24″-30″ LED Aquarium Light Fixture – Plant 16x3W PAR Review
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Nuna Nuna says:

The plant tank light is 6500 k that is a marine and cichlid light. The planted tank light has no blue led.The one you have there is the marine , reef, cichlid light.

Jon Kamps says:

love that you reviewed this. this looks like their reef model. their freshwater version is all white less which in my opinion looks much better for planted tanks

Dark Helmet says:

do you think greg from selectaquatics should breed some native american fish like dwarf sunfish?

Jon Dillon says:

I’m curious, how do you feel about the Twinstar 600e led? do you know if this is considered high light? I cannt find par for this light. I want it, but I have high light plants. any experience with it?

DebTim A CANADIAN Girl says:

Looks good to me..

Dan Gavioli says:

I’ve had that exact light on a 26 bowfront for about 6 months. Awesome results from it! Thanks for doing the review, now I know what it is giving out for par and using for energy!

AquaLady 420 says:

I think Beamswork and Beam works are different companies?

Auzzie says:

Cory you inspired me to do my own videos check them out<3
I'm new to the fish tank stuff so my tank doesn't look that grate :c

Sean Anderson says:

Just a thought, you can get a diffuser sheet really cheaply to put over the lights to reduce/eliminate the shimmer.
(Diffuser might not be the right word, its one of the layers they use on monitor screens that spreads the light out and softens it )

Matthew Despaw says:

i would like to see you test out Fluval LEDs

terry bryant says:

Changed your profile pic cool

the lazy fish keeper says:

would like to see the par at 18″ then it might be a good lite. i am sure there is a chart or some thing to find out… no that would tire me out. it will remain a mystery..
stay well

Matthew Henry says:

Would love for you to do a DIY Solla 15 or 30 watt review. They are waterproof flood lights…. 15 watt is $12.99

Roger Nevez says:

What is the optimum PAR range for plant growth?

rivahkillah says:

The link in the description doesn’t work.

Rack Cross says:

Solid information presented in a positive manner and no commercial bias – thanks for sharing!

KG cichlids says:

Well if people keep up in maintenance and love bright lights this is a good one.

fishead 2925 says:

would you suggest an 18″ version of this light for a 10 gallon planted tank? I have hair grass, crypt, anubius Nana and some repens. if this one is not ideal what would you suggest? I may go with a finnex stingray but I am interested in beamswork as well. thanks for the light reviews, I just watched handful of them.

Emmit Stewart says:

If you have your lights on a timer, the extra light at night becomes irrelevant.

Andrew Chance says:

If the night light runs the risk of growing a lot of algea at night, is keeping strong moonlights a viable strategy if I wanted more algea – like if I had a tank full of bristlenose fry – or would moonlights bright enough to grow algea also keep the fish from resting at night?

Rich's Fishes says:

nice buddy. digging the new avatar pic! Any chance of you doing a side by side of the various lights you’ve compared/tested in the past?

Bob's Dank Tanks says:

Cool new profile picture Cory.

Jose Davila says:

You should do a review on the “Fluval fresh and plant 2.0” led fixture.

Jared Granger says:

you mention not as efficient for energy usage but it has emitters that are 2x -3x the other beamsworks lights you recently tested. I guess to me the energy useage isn’t comparable as itbwas intended for reefs or deeper tanks. i thought about a small one if these for a 5 gallon aquascape but it is likely way to strong and focused on such a shallow tank

ADU Aquascaping says:

Dang, that is a good amount for the cost of the fixture.

Pauls Planted Aquariums says:

Does that come in a 48″ version?

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