High Tech Aquarium Lighting – Planted Aquarium Lighting Guide – Part 6

This is the High Tech Aquarium Lighting video in the Planted Aquarium Lighting Guide. Part 6 of the video series where I go over suggested high tech aquarium lighting kits for planted tanks.

Tom Barr Measures ADA Tanks: http://bit.ly/2AmE6T6

⭐ Finnex Fugeray: https://amzn.to/2Ahg1Nk
⭐ Finnex Ray 2: https://amzn.to/2Lzvo9i
⭐ Finnex 24/7: https://amzn.to/2AleFBs
⭐ Fluval Fresh 3.0: http://bit.ly/2LHq9U5
⭐ Kessil A80: https://amzn.to/2mRnMAj
⭐ Kessil A360: https://amzn.to/2LN0JV8

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Zeikos ZE-TR201P ► http://amzn.to/2EemuGD

Neewer 160 LED Studio ► http://amzn.to/2Ee0Yl7
ePhoto Photography Light Kit ► http://amzn.to/2H0EVQQ

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BSA aquascaping says:

Nice video again!!! I prefer the fluval 2.0 is a very good light i also use ADA Aquasky is also good but expensive and the mid range best is the Twinstar E series also very good light 🙂

Jorge Gracia says:

Have you heard of the the Current Led+

Mayo says:

You deserve way more subs

Tampa Tom says:

Great video waterbox !

Rahul Sharma says:

I am just planning to convert my African Cichlid tank into a planted one …
But the problem is its 30 Inch tall .. with substrate its ~27 Inch (Tank Top to Substrate Surface)
What options i have if want to grow plants like Rotala Macrandra and monte Carlos… ?!

Pleco Whisper says:

nice video

Brad Hardy says:

I’d also recommend the beamswork series of lights, great price for a great light with quite the cult following

s14tan says:

Yo water box is life. I’m about to set up my second tank doing dsm.

*edit. I’m using a nicrew 20~ inch light on a 10 gallon.

Anthony Ragan says:

I use a Planted+ (the version prior to the 24/7) on my 20-long with CO2, and the plants are doing great. I really like the light, but I do wish it had a longer cord. I’ve a Fluval 2.0 that’s going on a 40-breeder I hope to set up soon. One should be enough, as I’m planning on this being a “low tech” tank.

Rabbit Child says:

Newbie here – you inspire me so much!! 🙂

Jacob Cudmore says:

the water box is The Rick 2.0

Cory Nelson says:

how do you feel about beamswork lights for plants


Finnex are awesome lights but I always have to use 2 units per tank to get good color and fast growth

Kurt S says:

I have a high tech 20x20x20 wanting to move away from two light bars to a single Kessil – Would I need a 360we could I save $100 and go with a 160w?

Mark Garrett says:

First thanks for all the amazing content. You need way more subscribers and likes!!! Your channel is one of my go too now when I am researching something.

For me, stumbling into the hobby from my 1700 gallon koi pond to now 2 tanks inside, I have one T5 on my cichlid tank and now picking up a used T5 OH from Kijiji this weekend for my newly scaped 46 bowfront. For me, it’s about initial cost going in right now – cheap and easy. If I stick with the hobby (who am I kidding, I have two more tanks in the garage), I’ll begin to invest.

bigbowlowrong says:

I bought an AI Prime Freshwater about a month ago and stuck it on my 25 gallon planted tank. It’s absolutely amazing, I just wish I had skipped wasting my money on cheapo LED fixtures before getting serious about buying quality. It has more power than I’ll ever need, is extremely versatile and easy to customise and keeps my plants pearling and growing happily.

Mad Fish Diva says:

Great information. Aquarium lights are such a important part of the planted tank.

Ruben J Rush says:

What do you think about the auto light cycle in the Fluval light?

VB 23 says:

I love the edits you are implementing into your video man.

Matt Vo says:

Luv your Videos. They really help break down the topics/concepts to digestible bits. Thanks for all your hard work. I do have question concerning lighting.. I am in the process of ordering components for my 90(48″Wx24″Hx18″D) gallon tank that will be running a 5lb CO2 canister, ada aquasoil and growing HC. Could I get away with a single Fluval planted 3.0 LED or a single finnex ray2?

jonny jones says:

I had 2 kessil 160w  tuna sun on a 6ft 2 2 tank and hated the ripple effect on back glass of blue back tank  It even spooked my fish lots   Do  all LED lights give that ripple effect      Im thinking of trying the new juwel helialux LED 1500  and the day/night controller

PastTheDirtRoad says:

Great series bro. You go more in depth for each subject than any other channel I’ve seen

david overton says:

Hiya not long subbed can you advise me please on a light unit for a 5x2x2 please I want to try a high light planted for the first time but when it comes to lighting I’m completely clueless.

Bumpy says:

I kinda went fancy with a fluval 3.0 on two tanks, it’s made a world of difference. My simple aqueon works good though on my low light tank. I prefer LEDs as well for long term and power useage. I’m also one of those people that doesn’t want his plants growing so fast I have to do maintenance every 3 days. Color spectrum plays a big roll for sure: blue penetrates deeper for example. If your doing planted and spend money on ONE thing I would say lighting. I don’t run co2 either, my fishes respirating/breathing does enough.

cichlid guru nyc says:

That’s the much needed video .lots of new hobbyists to planted tank suffer and search and ask about lightning. Best video series out there

The Water Box says:

What’s your kit for high budget lighting and how is it working for you? Thanks for watching!

DarksAquatics says:

Love ur vids

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