How to: Selecting the Right LED Aquarium Light Choosing the right LED light for your saltwater aquarium can be a daunting task. This episode of BRStv gives you a list of criteria to consider when purchasing an LED light or system so that you can have the best set up for your reef tank.

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Jason Short says:

We do this in engineering as well.  It is called a PUGH diagram.  🙂

Cosmic Carrie says:

we meet again lol

Érico Lisboa says:

great tip bruv

Herbert .Gatchalian says:

i really love your channel and videos, wish i knew these back in 2006 when i had my 75gal tank that got wiped out by ich infestation 🙁

David Sandberg says:

how long does the average LED fixture last? 2,3…….5 years? i have had a set for close to 5 years everything is thriving

Ken Rosecrans says:

guys. on my hydra 26s. what setting do i set for coral color and growth

Js YouTube says:

What height should I put the Maxspect Razor R420R 27″ over my 40 Breeder ?? Please help thank you. #KeepReefing

Victor M Rendon says:

Hello guys! Im a total newbie on marine aquariums. I want to startup a new marine aquarium so i’ve been doing some research…
I would like to setup a reef tank with clowns (that’s kind of my goal)
So i would like to know what led lightning would be best…

I think i would like to get something as cheap as it can get but with good materials and colors inside my tank.

My tank is 150cm long x 30cm wide x 50cm height.

At the moment i only have the tank (need lightning, filtration, etc… everything to start with)

Thanks for the advice.

jenna garnett says:

Fans? Par? Too complicated. Thanks anyway.

starkiller 86 says:

I love led tubes,expensive at first but pays for itself,they can last upto 10 years

Venom ! says:


I’m looking at the maxspect 160 watt fixture. It needs to cover a cube that’s 36″ x 36″. Do you think it’s a good or great light.


Reefer Nanoman says:

Great video as always! Oldie, but goodie. Yes, stop worrying about PAR! I have never had an LED that I didn’t have to turn down to at least 50%.

Richard says:

Reef lights are easy. Plant lights are more difficult since there’s so many misinformed aquarium owners that think LED’s don’t grow plants.

Astute Tuna says:

[long lost twin brother] Cute. Thanks for the vid.

mjwnmlvcr says:

I was left more confused than I was when I first found this video….

David Kerns says:

If I want to do a Nuvo 20 what is the best single unit light that would give me the option to do SPS if I wanted to?

Gaming universe and electronic reviews says:

203k views and not even 1k likes why is YouTube deleting the likes

aaron orosz says:

was this guy kazoo kid?

krombopulos Michael says:

get a sb reef light, thank me later

Thor Erling Prestbøen says:

Looks like the brother of Less than jake vocalist.

Ramon Rivera says:

I’m having a hard time finding a led lights that will penetrate a 31″ tall tank would you have any suggestions? I want the ability to grow anything so if I decide to change the tank in a few years or so atm nothing is set up not even water in it and I have a 4 bulb 216watt wave point but not sure what that would do. tank specs 48″15″31

gerssom pastrana says:

OK help me please i have a 55 Gal tank 4 FT x 16 inches and almost 3 FT tall and ive been trying to grow dwarf baby tears i know mayby im over my Head with this plant but its my favorite looking plant Q: what do you sensai recomend in terms of lighting ? Of course any other tip would be appreciated thank you

Kaul Watson says:

So wound it just be cheeper to create a small sun in my bedroom, its provides both light and heat & has its own gravity so it could generated a small natural tide. Plus it powers itself with nuclear fusion, just think of the money i would save on that energy bill.
making my own natural sun to light my tank seems like a good idea.

Martin Welters says:

I just bought a Maxspect Glaive G4- M40 and as I only want Zoa’s, mushrooms and such I am hoping that it will give me enough PAR on my 20 Gallon nano tank…what is your opinion? Will it indeed be enough?

Fantasmamuerto says:

This guy should be called The Dude.

Kyle Graham says:

I’ve had my new 180w 15000k Maxspect Razor for a couple weeks now and it is terrific, right now I’m running it 60% white and 70% blue 🙂


Hey +BulkReefSupplyCom  Im  trying to get a solution for my 40 liter (sorry but i dont know  gallons, im from israel we use liters)  nano reef . for now i have lights fish and one mushroom that survive with only 9w  led 🙁 im on a low budget beacause of recruiting to the army (very low salary) but i wanna get somthing a “bit” more serious then these awefull 9w led, im on a 60-80 dollars sad and small budget,  the length of the tank is 50 cm,  i personally dont really mind messing with colors, i need actinic+ regular white that can help with lps+ zoanthids and anemones,do you have any ideas of options for me?…. thx for your time!!

J Burke says:

replaced most of my household incandescents with LED— the difference in heat generation when walking into room is just freaky noticeable— which leads to my question—

why are fans installed on LED lights for tanks? Why have more moving parts when passive ventilation/ heat sinks could mitigate heat build up— the little that there is?

Metalmanmick13 says:

What effect does common household lighting have on reef tanks?. With my tank light off it’s still getting light from the ceiling light and light emitted from a TV.

otis670 says:

do any of those lights have a shimmer program

jedimaster8691 says:

Besides the benefit of lower long term cost, what are any other benefits to switching to LED lights? I have 2 400 W MH and 2 96 W PC on a 120 gal square tank.

guapodidier2099 says:

my cuestion is simple, i need a diferrnt leds like red , green, purple, 10k, 15,k to grow my corals..???
or full spectrum and actinics is ok…???

Max Power says:

great video thanks

Reel Unique says:

Can you use an LED lighting system with just a glass flip top lid for the aquarium? I’m concerned it would create to much shadows for the tank. Any product suggestions for someone with a hang on skimmer and heater and doesn’t want an open top tank?

Thuddy Waters says:

Hey bud, let’s party.

Betta Plakat says:

Hello I am going to buy 2 separate led lighting each light has 26w and 33 leds is that to bright for a 15 gallon reef tank? These are the lights I’m getting

Kevin Mulford says:

Is tmc v2 iluminair 600 any good

berny's reef says:

What kind of LEDs would be able to grow SPS in a 40-48inch deep aquarium, the SPS would be 15-25 inches from the surface of the water? LEDs and T5 combination. Would Kessil A360s NE work? Thanks.

Ken Rosecrans says:

90 gallon red sea. 2 lights. 12 inches off water

SantaMonicaHelp Assistant says:

Really great video! very informative! Subscribed!

Skyefuego says:

I can’t believe it’s so difficult to find a good led for a 10 gl. tank

Sal Pipitone says:

I have 2 radion pro can you tell me how high and what intensity do I put tank is 24 x24 x 48. I have LPS coral.

Pitbull Reefer says:

I know this post is kinda old but i could use some advice on selection. Im setting up a 20L to move my 8 reef to. I really like the sleek feature of the AI’s but im kinda stumped if one centered would be enough for sps.

Cuda FX says:

the cost per individual LED really is absolutely irrelevant! you can have 100W of power bundled into one single COB cluster, that many would concider to be one LED component, or divided up into 500 little standard LEDs of 200mW, like the ones on LED strips. the efficiency in lumen per watt makes more sense to look at. everything above 100Lm/W is pretty good. 

5K VENOM says:

I spent 40$ on 120 watts if light try to beat me

Rooster Cogburn says:

great video very informative

DNA Media Group says:

I wanna smoke dope with this guy. Also, I found it informative and useful.

ahfu25 says:

I have a fluval spec 5 that I’ve converted to marine. Would a kessil a160 be overkill for my tank? If so what light would you recommend where it gives me the most options on what type of corals I can house? Thanks!!

Dark Helmet says:

Im having difficulty picking between the new ethereal lights and the kessil 360

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