Kessil A360W Controllable LED Aquarium Light Review

Kessil A360W Controllable LED Aquarium Light Review


NEMO20G says:

VERY NICE LIGHT!!! i am going to get some of these!! I’ve liked and subscribed to your channel. Please visit my channel and subscribe.

arbyssauce says:

Try some corrugated split tubing big enough for the gooseneck and the wires.


Thanks for the vid.  Cool intro…. you spend 95% of the time filming the actual fixture at point blank.   Show the light in action.  Show the ramping and color change.  I cannot find this in slow detail for the life of me.

Michael Sikler says:

Who would want all this shit hanging all over. I want to look at fish not a bunch of gadgets. Very messy looking

Vironex says:

The shimmer you get with the kessil you only normally get with MH because it only has one light source. to me it just looks so natural and beautiful.

barna phon says:

is this loud in the living room? 

Reefz Tk says:

i kinda think the point of a light review should be on the growth result and not that its “ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL” anyways i think your light is to much for your tank. just my 2cents. 

Sam Young says:

would you say 1 or 2 kessils for my 45 gallon jbjb rimless

D Boy says:

“It’s absolutely fantastic” lol

Troll Doll says:

3:56 Your wife body is Absolutely Fantastic!

Venom ! says:

Cool tank. What do you think about the 160 watt maxspect led light. Thx

MajesticReef says:

What size is the tank it’s one I’m thinking about putting this on a 24in tank

dannysreeftank says:

Is this light loud? I have been hearing that although great colors the smaller model 150 is loud, curious if they fixed that issue on this light? Subscribed check out my channel as well running a red sea contest right now!

321Mdp says:

is it the tuna blue or sun?

Ryan Hudson says:

Nice setup. Do u think the kessill a360w would be enough for a 50 gallon cube reef tank? It’s 24by24by20″

Kevin Gray says:

I have two of these on my 150 gallon reef tank hooked up to a bluefish controller and they are unbelievable especially with the cloud affect and shimmer my corals love it i can simulate real time weather all over the world

nakmin123 says:

Looks great!! This is just my 2cents but I think you could have saved money and went with one of the a150w. I love the light just think its a little over kill for your tank judging from all that light bleed around your tank:)

cristian Gomez says:

Use wire lume to hide wires

915Mang says:

Nice light Man! 

stavros kalantzis says:

Ur a fuckin idiot

dudleygarramone says:

Kessil makes a controller for the light. Runs about $100.00

R e e f f r e d says:

Very nice kessil!! Like and suscribe!

Reefer Nanoman says:

How do you like your light so far? Nice tank and equipment. Check out my nano reefs on my channel. Subscribed.

Jeremy B says:

Do they run cooler than T5 lights?

Jimfromyork says:

Of course you can program them , Kessil Spectral Controller

Lord Chimp says:

LED ist der Hammer
LED is the Hammer

Silver says:

GoodVid !

Marc Guima says:

I thought he was going to talk about the control. I know the light.
Let’s talk about the control….. shall we….

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