Kessil LED Aquarium Lights – BRStv Product Spotlight Kessil LEDs produce an amazing shimmer, have a compact design and the color and intensity can be easily adjusted with just a turn of a dial. Today on BRStv, we are going to take an in-depth look at Kessil LEDs including external appeal, internal appeal, control, cost per led, build quality, warranty support and finally finish with a few details on how many you would need for your tank and which model to get from the A360 Narrow and Wide, the A350 Narrow and Wide or the A150 in Deep Ocean Blue, Ocean Blue, Sky Blue or Amazon Sun.

Most people will be best served with the wide version which spreads light out 140 degrees and covers a two foot area down to 30″. The wider angle also allows you to place them closer to the water in tight environments like a lower profile hood.

The A360N or narrow version has a reflector on the pendant which focuses the light to a much sharper 60 degrees spread and covers a 18″ area. The focused light increases the PAR and ideal for tanks over 30″ deep. If you are looking to have a SPS dominant tank you may also appreciate the higher overall PAR numbers by selecting the narrow version and spacing them 18 inches apart.

Kessil LEDs are produced by Dicon Industries located in the San Francisco area. They have been experts in lighting and optics for years and this shows in the design of the Kessil LEDs.

Kessil LEDs are compact and best of all they are easily hung above the tank or you can use the Kessil A Series Gooseneck to attach it to a rimmed or rimless tank. The natural shimmer lines produced by the Kessil is rivals metal halides but with the controllability of LEDs.

The color blending is amazing. With many LED’s you end up seeing red and green specs of light floating all over or the back of the tank that looks like it is on fire. With the Kessil A360 you don’t see that because all of the LEDs are packed so tightly together under a single lens. The Kessil A360 can be controlled with your Apex from Neptune Systems or ReefKeeper from Digital Aquatics.

Kessils come in a really compact form factor with a fan and heat sink mounted directly to the LEDs. Each light has a large volume of thin fins on the heat sink which do get warm to the touch but not hot. The base plate does get warm up a bit if left on long enough. The fan is silent and while it doesn’t move an enormous amount of air it does seem well optimized for the heat sink because the fins are only warm even after being left on for a long period of time.

Overall the cooling system and overall build quality for such a small form factor present an excellent value, especially at this price point – plus they come with a 1 year warranty

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wkunique says:

…what is CRI of kessil tuna sun?

k9feces says:

So you can plug these into any timer?

ChaosGeneral1 says:

What’s a recommendation on a 5 ft tank with one center brace?

Cidney Williams says:

How Would I mount a Kassil H380 for my refugium? What is compatible to its clips?

Kaera says:

I would love to see a product spotlight on the Hydra 26 & 52’s 🙂

Dawn Elder says:

I know this light is discontinued but was hoping you could help me on a decision.Modifying a 14 gallon bio cube. It is going to be an anemone tank. Which light is best for me the 160 or 360? Is the 360 an overkill?

Mitch Connor says:

Holy fuck these lights are expensive

Brandon Cooke says:

Great video; very professional and all encompassing. Thank you!

Sam T says:

I have a 40x40x18, what do you recommend?


I’m planning a mixed, mostly SPS tank, I’m going for the artisan II 150 gal tank, it’s something like 70x25x20, do you think 3 a360 would be good for sps??

reefseeker says:

I have them for a few years now, love them. Just never really know about which color I should use, more blue or more white. Seems to not really make any difference. I do have mostly soft corrals. Anyone out there ever figure this part out? I also have them about 9″ from the surface in a 24″ tank and keep them on the lowest intensity. Everything seems to be gowning happy. Just curious if others found anything different.

ZombieBrainsDev says:

I just purchased one of these for my 29g tank. I’m still newish to reefing and don’t know what setting to run it at. I have some xenias and a frogspawn atm. What would help them the most?

Frederik Skovgaard says:

Great movie guys! how much intensity will you set it to over a mixed reef in a Nuvo 38G the dimension is 23.62″ x 19.02″ x 19.02.

Dawn Elder says:

I know this light is discontinued but was hoping you could help me on a decision.Modifying a 14 gallon bio cube. It is going to be an anemone tank. Which light is best for me the 160 or 360? Is the 360 an overkill?

JJMR-04 says:

Question? If I have a 5 ft. Tank with a crossbrace what do you suggest? 2 across? Its a 250DD L60″×D36″×H27″ I was looking at the wide lens, maybe 4 Kessils? Thanks ahead of time!!

Edward Wade says:

i have a 4 feet tank with a cross brace in the middle which kessil lights would be best for my tank thanks BRS team

steve wujek says:

Cord management, I used black wire loom and electrical tape. Looks decent.

Marcus Krull says:

Would i need one 360w for a regular 29 g

Jamie LISSAU says:

How many lights are needed for a 40 gallon long? We have one. Is it possible for now to build one side of the tank under the one light or is 2 really needed for intensity? Thank you!

Michael Russo says:

200 is the most that I could go. I would like to get it cheaper if possible

Khris Flores says:

I realize this is an older video but I’m curious if you remember what intensity and color setting your used on your office tank? It looks fantastic.

mallo _man95 says:

hey will the kessil A80 grow sps corals? ? 🙂

Marc Carriere says:

So I have a 55gal Reef tank, Mix of Soft coral and LPS….It is a 36″x18″x19″ Tank…I have ordered an AI Prime for it….will this be eough or will I need to go to 2 or even 3 of them to keep a mix of coral. I am hoping to in the future get into SPS aswell. I am currently running a 48″ Odysea Quad T-5 Fixture and also a 24″ Current USA Orbit LED (Mostly just the blues for color) as I don’t want to over power the tank with too much light from both combined. I also have a 36″ Fluval SEA strip light (that has been removed from the tank) and I am just running it on a freshwater tank for some nice color from the cichlids. I do have an option (and plan on making another reef tank or two. The second tank I have is a 56gal column tank that Is 30″x”18″24.5″. Would the one AI prime be sufficient on that tank, and I can explore a suggestion you have for the 55gal reef I currently have setup. And Lastly, what would you recommed for a 125gal and a 225gal tank. I currently have both (Freshwater setups) as of now but from a cost point in lighting is what Is holding me back on deciding what one I want to convert over to salt. Would the same ammount of lighting run either or the same as they are both 72″ Tanks? Or due to the depth difference in the 225 would I require more? I know there is alot of questions in here but I love you guys and trust your opinions the best! Thanks again! -Chris


nice video! a few questions. if you have these lights on for 12 hours, what do you have on when they are off? do you need a separate moon light? or id=s there a moon light setting on the Kessil? If so would that mean these things are on 24/7? Do you even need a moonlight? I guess what im saying is, is the tank completely dark at any time? and when? sorry for all the nubbish questions and appreciate any response.

MrShoshopraiv says:

and what you think between Ai Prime. And Kessil A160?
Thank you

Adrian Silesian says:

I own 2 of these tuna sun fresh water version. They are AUDIBLE – I can say they are even noisy. But the LIGHT is outstanding!!!!!! I don’t wanna go away from the tank 🙂

Michael Russo says:

I was wondering if you guys could please tell me what light I should get for under $200 that will grow softies in a biocube 14. I bought the tank used for $20 and it didn’t come with a lid. Please help,
By the way, I have watched all of your videos and am now on my 2nd saltwater tank in 8 months

muffemod says:

5:12 speakers pumping that BRS intro music 24/7

RicksReefs says:

Can the goose neck attach to a non thin edge older black plastic braced tank?

Josie Pantoja says:

A few things to add:
1. the Link Cable is a just a simple male to male 3.5mm audio cable. You can buy them for a few dollars online instead of the $20 each that Kessil charges.
2. Also, you may want to purchase them at a minimum of 8 ft lengths. Standard 6 ft cables are too short to properly hide the cable, if you’re spacing the lights apart to each cover a 24″ section.

Mad Phrog says:

Hey I’ve had my 29 gallon biocube up for a while and I though it was time for a light upgrade. What light would you recommend, the a150 or should i go for the a160.


Would the Kessil A160 be good enough for my 20 gallon high aquarium

Franklin Michael says:

I want to set up a 4 foot tank that is 2.5 feet deep and both soft and hard corals, what would be better, 2 A360s or 3 A160s?

Pedro Flores says:

Have you any idea about Mars Aqua leds ??

Jorge Torres says:

awesome review, I’m setting up a 125 gallon reef, 72 inches long 22 inches deep. I’m planning on getting 2 a360. do you think that should be ok?. new to kessils

Herbshirt says:

This is likely a dumb question but I can’t find any info on which model I need. A150, A160 or A360? I think I’ll need 2 of whichever model. Can anyone enlighten me or point me to a link?

I have a 3ft planted tank. I’m away a lot so I’ll need to schedule it using the additional controller.

Donald White says:

I’m getting the nuvo 40 would a kessil A360we work m

Anthony Pardo says:

Ok so from what I’m understanding these lights do not have a timer function that comes with them?

TheTanman2011 says:

Can you do a product spotlight on the new giesemann vervve that is on your website?

Leo Franco says:

I have a 120 gallon (48x24x24) reef tank with 2 A350W kessil led lights. Does this light handles acroporas? If so, what settings should I use on the knob for intensity and spectrum? Every coral I have in the tank is doing great, I will like to start purchasing acro but don’t know how great it will handle versus the radion led’s.

JJMR-04 says:

Question? If I have a 5 ft. Tank with a crossbrace what do you suggest? 2 across? Its a 250DD L60″×D36″×H27″ I was looking at the wide lens, maybe 4 Kessils? Thanks ahead of time!!

Doneƒx 前奏 says:

i have a 360kessil, it is good for my 5g mix nano reef or its enough?

Eduardo Bonilla says:

i have a 45 gallon reef tank and am thinking of getting this specific light how do i know how from from the water i should adjust it to?

CreepyMonkey HeadGame says:

Pro tip that I found out about the castle Link cable it is basically a 2 divided aux cord meaning that the end of the Oxford only has two black lines instead of 3 which would be used for a microphone not all of them work but some of them work so if you can’t afford the Link cable are the Link cable is not long enough most aux cords will work on the plus side you can get aux cords in almost any color if that’s what you want

Jeff Nobles says:

i recently just purchased a 60 gallon cube to replace my 90 and was previously using sb reeflights but am interested in kessil, would one be ok?

Luther Williams says:

Hello, I have a 120 gallon tank (48×24×24) with the bar in the middle. pls help me get the best lights that will allow the best look with no dark spots or shadows .. Thanks

MrShoshopraiv says:

if you could help me, I have JBj 45g and I am not sure ye what the best light for me, and I have been searching and looking around for couple months now. what you thing would be the best if I want to have ” 1 light only” to cover and work for my reef tank.

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