LED LIGHT COMPARISON: Finnex, Fluval, Aquaneat – New Plants – A Day in the Fishroom

I was shocked to find out one is not what its cracked up to be. But first we check out some new plants. Then we check out the Aquaneat Led aquarium light and compare it to the Fluval 2.0, Finnex Stingray, Finnex Planted Plus, and the Aquaneat. Sit back
and relax and you spend some time with me in the Fish Room.

Fluval Fresh and Plant 2.0: http://amzn.to/2yzJeRv
Finnex Stingray: http://amzn.to/2gX3yCw
Finnex Planted Plus: http://amzn.to/2yAC4gd
AquaNeat LED: https://www.ebay.com/itm/Ultra-Slim-Aquarium-0-5W-LED-Light-for-36-Fish-Tank-Freshwater-Marine-FOWLR/252583085166?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2057872.m2749.l2649


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Shake It by Crystal Parker (http://crystalparkerstudios.com)
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hotwheelsguy98 says:

is there a top on that 40 gallon? What would be the cons of running a tank without a top?

Mark Shelly Aquatics says:

Aquaneats on all but one of my tanks. Just ordered 5 of them for a rack of 20 longs I am starting.

LPSSYLVEON studios says:

I have the aqua neat that lets you change the colors on my 75 gal. It’s been working great on my low light plants and especially algae (I added to many ferts lol) It even has a plant mode that works well (it’s got reds and blues in it too). I looked at the lumens and it was way better compared to other similarly priced LEDs (about $40) and had the fun (although not necessarily practical) benefit of being able to change to basically any color. It also has a remote, and although it’s not long range, it’s pretty awesome. And best of all, it doesn’t show any signs of stopping!

My only complaint is that the 24/7 mode has the sun rising at about 3 AM and setting at 12AM, with a bright blue light on for night instead of just being off. But if you don’t use that, it’s great!

Just FYI, if you’re not doing just low light, you’ll still need two

bebebutterfield1 says:

I ordered a Aquaneat for a 10 gallon fry tank. I mostly have bamboo in it so I think it’ll be fine.

Lauren says:

That aquaneat is sooooo bright for its price?! it’s actually amazing. I’m kinda considering ordering one cause i’m using stock lighting in a hood atm lol. Idk if it will break in a few months but for that price theres no reason to not atleast try it.

f&s Fish house says:

Go leatherman knife

goodstrong says:

I have the planted plus 24/7 and love it. Only have low light plants in it but run the 24/7 in my bedroom. Makes a nice night light at dusk and dawn.

Aurah says:

Great video! I really like the comparison of these lights. Some time in the future I’d love to see an update on how the Aquaneat performs in the long run, given its spectrum.

Just 1 aquatics says:

I have the planted plus and love it but I’m definitely buying a aqua neat good video man

viperr007 says:

I got a full spectrum aquaneat off eBay for a 10g it’s really bright

Denise Pollitt says:

Hi bob, great video as always. I have a question that is a little off topic. I know you have been dealing with a lot in your tanks of late with sick fish and battling desease so no doubt this will seem trivial but how is the little goldfish that wasn’t doing too well?

915 HOOKIN' EM says:

for quickly growing java moss which light do you recommend?

Nightrealms says:

best review of any lights i’ve seen. For once someone had the brains to actually put all the lights on the same tank at the same time to give a true comparison. I know you liked the fluval due to brightness but the Auqa neat bought out the greens well.

mary hartman says:

I have some of those rainbows, but omg you have cichlids in there with them? How’s that possible? Tell me more !

Ultimate Fishkeeping Show says:

Nice light.

Zacks Tanks Crazy Aquarium Guy says:

Chihiros has one that is 50w and 80 cm (or 32 inches). And I think that one would crush all of them, and be very very close to the Fluval. 🙂 Great video Bob! I love aquarium led lights! 😀

Russ Polk says:

I am terrible with plant names
.put i have bought almost everything at one point..lol

Gary Duncan says:

Do you know what the par reading is on the Finnex planted + light on the 40 gallon breeder?

Pleco Nation says:

I love the look of the tank with two aquaNeat LEDs on there

Shelly Speet says:

Where did you get that shirt?!?! I want one!!!

Travis Fish Person says:

Aquaneat dose make a full speck RGB that is what I use on my planted tanks it has 3 rows of LEDs

FishDad1 Chad H says:

Looking nice steenfott I thought I Heard that you were getting a flower horn but I could be wrong

Gustavo Frobertimus says:

Jeopardy theme! Nice!

colinbarsby says:

Thanks for the video. Enjoyed it.

Shelley G. says:

I have a Fluval Fresh and plant 2.0 on my 75 Gal tank It is bright but I feel that it washes out the fishes colors. Do you?

Eric Fialkowski says:

I bought one for my 5.5 Gallon Betta tank. It’s a nice little light but man does it get hot!

John Hopkins says:

Thank you for the tip, I purchased 2 Aquaneats for some 40 breeder tanks

47Viggen says:

stingray is for color not for plant growth. More of an accent light. I have one paired with a 24/7 planted.

Aquatic Hobbyist says:

Something to consider is the aquaneat is 10000k not 5000-7000k like the others I got 4 of the aquaneat lights when they first came out and the only thing they grow really well in my tanks is algae

Douglas Medlin says:

I have 3 of the 1/2 watt led FOWLR Aquaneats 1 48″ and 2 72″ they work great. Just bought 4 1 watt led FOWLR Aquaneats 72″ more light than the fluval 2.0 and the nice thing is they come in sizes from 18″ to 72″.

Michael allen says:

Also don’t always trust brightness you can get 400 watt led a 2500k color spectrum and it would be extremely bright but not high for par values

Long Woo says:

Bob, What kind of stand did you use for your 40 breeder?

Sarah Gibson says:

Are you rating these based on human visible light only or on they’re ability to keep the plants healthy?

Richard Allan says:

Thanks another great video! When you do a water change do you fill it back up again with the water pump? If so do you pre mix dechlorinated water to pump back in? I’m expecting a water pump in the post and have also bought a big bin to mix water in before filling up. Thanks

Anthony Ragan says:

Interesting comparison. I just bought a 40B for a low-tech scape and was considering two Stingrays, but the Aquaneat looks worth considering. I’d be curious to see its PAR values tested.

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