Marineland REEF LED 36″/48″ light review

This is the 36″ light. If you get one of these, know that the lower number is the actual length of the light. They have expandable brackets for larger tanks, but the lighting will be dimmer on each side. Best to get the light that fits the tank top from end to end. My tank is 36″ so I got the 36″ – 48″ light.


Mansa Musa says:

Lumens are how bright they are to us, PAR/PUR are better measurements.
The only leds I’d use are the Razor, Mazarra, Radion PRO, reefbreeders, Mitras, and DIY.

sea buzz says:

its not the best fixture guys but you could have some softies in there, Xenias, starpolyps, shrooms etc… of course you wont be capable of keeping acros and montis with this !! The guy said his tank wont be a reef tank so the fixture is ok for this setup !

Mansa Musa says:

Lolz, growth is one thing.
How’s the color?

K PAC says:

I have these lights there the best

gio gon says:

hey i just have one question i have a 30 gallons tank so i want to know if this 36,48 fit in my 30 tank thanks

Matthew Compton says:

Dude…you can get a 2700 lumen LED fixture for $28 for a nano tank that is a much higher quality bulb. Those fixtures are garbage.

Garnett Miller says:

It comes with a built in timer. Read the instructions

bluekeet says:

what type of lighting is best for all coral and anemones in a 55gallon or less fish tank?

hovmoller says:

Hi there, great review, very helpful… would you be able to tell me the specs on the transformer for this light? input AC, amps, hz etc.

Ray Diaz says:

TechHeadsL7: Marineland says that this is “Reef Capable” That means that this light is made for fresh water. They wont tell ya that. In reality this LED fixture is putting out 1 watt per LED. He stated a few months back that his corals died because of the light not penetrating through glass. Im sorry for his loss, We all know how expensive corals can get. The truth is that this light was never intended for LPS or SPS. You want at least 3 watt per LED’s. Id try evo quad led at aquatraders.

Mansa Musa says:

Like this light, it’s pretty much a classic CW/RB light, it will grow coral, but a NW/RB or NW/RB/TV/HV/cyan/DR/CB setup would make the corals look like freaking double rainbows.

Joe Alle says:

Can i ask what size your tank is? It looks like a 46G,thats what i just got but i hate the stock lighting. I want to get the light you have and it looks really nice the way you have yours set up.

William Worth says:

paint the back of your tank and i thik the moon light was the 20K with corals and anemones use for photosynthesis use both

Earthling1984 says:

It has worked fine for polyps, but that is the only coral I have that has done well under this light. My tank is mostly fish only, I just have added a couple coral frags over time. But two of the three died, only the polyp has done well.

ugotbawlz says:

i have two of these (next size smaller) for a 29g…they barely do it. really you need to shell out the cash and go with a 3w per LED fixture…will be MUCH better for your nem, and will be able to sustain most corals. for example…the SolarBlast Ultra from Apollo Reef LED, or something along those lines. the new 3w LED fixtures are pretty much the equivalent of metal halide lighting without the dreaded heat issues.

Joe Herndon says:

@earthling1984 how has anemone and coral been doing with that light…just bout the one with the timer.

Earthling1984 says:

I’ve been to your store many times 🙂

jeffrey arnedo says:

hey… i have a 36″ long tank too. where did you get the top cover for it? … i have one but its clear and cannot sit right with my protein skimmer on the back. .. i like how the black lid matches the light. how much does that light cost btw?…

maarakailet1 says:

LEDs do UV for corals?

Kenyon Epp says:

Thank you for the light review. As someone who was in the reef hobby 10 years ago and looking to get back in it, this is a great setup. I’ll probably get one of these for my 75 gal to replace the old metal halide setup I still have in the garage.

Anthony Cocchi says:

I have a ( 36, 18, 19) old school 50 gallon with that in the front and a double brite behind it. I have four anemones that are doing fine but my tank is way shorter than this one and is loaded with health live rock. For a 18 inch wide tank I feel you need two Marinelands or buy one of something better.

daniel wallengren says:

it’s probably non of my business but that looks like you have more damsels then anything in there, arn’t you worried about them all fighting over the anemone

konsent21 says:

how the leds holding up?

masterninjajedi1 says:

nice setup. I can tell you from experience that this light will not sustain your anemone. I bought the 48″ for my 90 gal and even up on the high rock work I could not get a bubble tip to survive. This is a nice light if you want to keep mushrooms or low light corals such as the torch coral but anything that needs even a moderately high light level like xenia wont make it. I’m going to buy some Halides so I can keep anemones .

Waxy Parsnips says:

5 3/4 YEARS if left on 24/7 (50,000/24 = 2083.3 hrs / 365 days = 5.70 yrs) 🙂

Brian B says:

So update video with sea anemone soon?

Tyler Mikos says:

you are a moron my friend, those evo LEDs are garbage, compared to your so called crappy marine land fixture, which I happen to use, and it grows MOST coral except delicate sps’s…

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