Marineland Single Bright LED Aquarium Light 36″ – 48″ Review

Marineland Single Bright LED Aquarium Light 36″ – 48″ Review
When I bought the Marineland Single Bright LED Aquarium Light 36″ – 48″, light I wasn’t sure if it was going to be bright enough after reading some of the reviews, but we love it. So much sleeker than the coralife regular florescent hood. We have plants in our tank and them seem to be thriving well. We have had the light for over a year now and I don’t regret buying this set up. Love the blue LEDs to simulate the moon shimmer. Great product and will continue to buy these for my future tanks.

Marinelands revolutionary LED lighting systems
6000K one watt white and 60mW blue LED lighting system
17000-Hour of rated life
Single Bright LED Lighting System (10 Total Watts)
600 – Lumens
102 – 60 mW White LEDs
6 – 60 mW Blue LEDs


Danny F says:

The camcorder should be stable…??

fuuhouhouji says:

Sorry I have a question. I have a 36″ long 30 gallons tank, I have not an aquarium cover so I wonder if I these can be place over an uncover tank; or it would be dangerous. (I wanna buy the 24-36″ model)

JJ Aquariums says:

does anyone know if you can have the blue and white light on at the same time

MrBuHuskyBlue says:

I love mine, just wish it was cheaper.

65tugly says:

You have a very nice set up, thank you for posting your video and explaining how the new light system works. I like it except for seeing the light on top of the tank shining out from under the light fixture. I prefer the older style where it’s all about the tank and only seeing light in the tank. This new light fixture doesn’t do that from what I can see. It’s just not for me for that reason. But I wanted to thank you for the time and effort you put into your video, it helped me a lot.

JJ Aquariums says:

does this light bright your tank really good

yourmanjh says:

Hi, I was just wondering and impress with your water quality can you just brief me what sort of filter are you using and do you have a bio filter too? Would appreciate if you could make another video on the filtering system … Thank you in advance, appreciate your information…

Jay Chaparro says:

thank you awsome tank!

Cichlid Nez says:

Just Subscribe to ur channel.

alemchelth says:

Your water looks incredibly clear. How, exactly, do you get your water that clear? mine is always hazy looking.

LAna St.ColumB says:

Thank You For The Great Video!  So just so i read the reply to another question correct, you do no water changes at all, just clean filters and top off the water? I want to try that. 🙂

TallManFlex product reviews says:

If your using the stem on a 36-48 in width tank, but I’m assuming the tank is a talk tank. If the tank is being placed in a fairly Bright room, I would just the single bright. If being used in a darker room, I would probably just get the double bright. If you but at store you could always return it.

Mike Mulligan says:

what type of filter are you using on this tank with the single bright?

Eric Downing says:

What is this ‘shimmer’ effect you mention?

Deeznuts714 says:

you know…

kevin matechak says:

what kind of substrate is that? it looks like the black sand they sell at petsmart by national geographic

TallManFlex product reviews says:

For the legs, you just have to pull firmly on them to budge.

Ryan Lee says:

Your comments of not needing to do water changes at least weekly are laughable. You need to do some research if you plan to continue in the hobby. Only reason I am here is to check out the single bright to compare it to my much more expensive Current led light, as I want to spend less on a light for my smaller tank. You may be able to get away with no water changes because you have a very low stock in your tank, in turn a very small bio-load. But I can promise you, if you continue not doing water changes, you will run into some problems sooner than later. And that cheap hob filter is “okay” for such a low stock. Spreading false information to people about not needing water changes is just wrong. It leads to lazy practice, and in turn nitrate build up, unhealthy fish, lowered immune system, or even worse an spike in ammonia and nitrite. The hobby is down to a science, and frequent small water changes are essential.

Jesus-Muhammed-Ali Jackson says:

i just received this and im a bit confused on how to expand the legs.. Do i just pull them out until they fit? Theyre not wanting to slide very easily is why i ask and i dont want to break it.. Any info would be greatly appreciated.

Dkz! says:

Is the power supply 110-230v AC input? 

grettz1 says:

A major problem with the marine led light —48 inches—is that after a while ( 8 to 10 mts) the frame of the light starts bowing. It’s similar to a shelf in a closet that has lots of food  on it. After a while the middle of the shelf starts to curve downward so be very careful and think about it before buying. This problem won’t happen on shorter lights.
PS–there’s no way to correct this problem and the company won’t affer an exchange or refund

TallManFlex product reviews says:

Sorry for the long response on the questions y’all have been asking.
1. For the canopy, it’s just the regular glass canopy that came with the tank.
2. For the extension of the legs, you just pull out to the length you need.
3. For the filter system, it was just the cheap Tetra brand they sell at Wal-Mart. It was the 40-50 gallon size I believe.

Hope this helps.


Clean ass tank and water

Donna Redden says:

Hi can this light be used in a juwel Rio fish tank ? the lids are plastic with lights under the lid NOT glass lids ? would these lights you have be able to sit underneath my lids? thanks love your tank by the way

fishguy661 says:

am confuse does the set comes with the glass cover?

yadadaiii101 says:

Do u know how to extend rge legs on there?? Do i have to take rge screws out?

kevin matechak says:

how many pounds of sand did you use?

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