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fish home says:

Love your videos fan of you keep going

Emily Kassandra says:

Hey Joey! Have you ever owned a Clown Knife fish or ever concitered owning one? Perhaps you could put it in the 1000g or would it possibly hurt the rays?

GilbertSJH says:

Why would saltwater and freshwater need different lighting systems?

Rick T. Foster says:

The light I’ve been waiting for!
Question 1: Where, when & how can I get them?
Question 2: Do I need two for a 75g?
Question 3: How do I avoid my wife divorcing me if I buy these?

Kenneth Bishop says:

Can you get a black ghost knife fish?

Daser147 says:

Love the view of the video with the aquarium behind you! Great job!

William Davis says:

Get a rope fish!

tv4184 says:

I was debating on this or a strip light for my next tank… I’m using the A80 Tuna Sun for my other planted tank. Thanks to your video though, I might get one of these to compare to see how they stack up light output wise. Tech wise though this definitely has the A80 beat. I just control mine using a Wemo wifi adapter but at the end of the day the cost of the light / mount / wifi timer ends up almost being the same…

David Vick says:

instead of spending $200 on a light I would rather just buy a whole other 55 gallon tank with a stand

Paul Garwood says:

Please where do you get the mobile phone app from?

Kenneth Bishop says:

You will love it

dthillens says:

Your talents far exceed the DIY realm. You need to show of your artistic touches when it comes to aquascaping, habitats and lighting. The video keyed in on one of the most under utilized aspects of the aquarium trade… the lighting source. I am not sure I have seen anyone ever play with intensity, location and spectrum as I have seen with your designs. You nailed it!!!

In watching this video I was amazed at how different an aquarium can look by changing the position, intensity, focal point and height of a light source. The multiple tanks towards the begining of the video each had a unique perspective unlike any I have seen before. It inspired me to jump up and start moving my lighting around which changed the dynamic of my tank instantly. Your DIY lesson for today was…be different then everybody else and change your perspective.

With the combination of species driven tanks, themed aquascaping and enhanced lighting techniques your tanks are something to truly behold. I know “Amano” style tanks have their place in the industry but I prefer “Joey” style any day of the week.

If you have the chance please put together a video with a compilation of your favorite tank designs showcasing your many talents. I for one would love to see a more in depth look at the tanks in the begining of this video.

You have a truly amazing gift….keep on inspiring.

aquaguy says:

The fish tank behind you looks great ! His move is a good idea 🙂

Cameron Giddings says:

Hi Joey I was looking at some of your old videos your one video on how to build a tank stand and canopy I’m going to use that on my 240 gal. I was looking at some of your old videos on a underwater sand fall. I really like the way it looks espically behind a 3D background. My question to you is “would it be wise to you to have a sand fall in a salt water tank? but I need flow for the corals.

Truman says:

Is there any other light someone could recommend me for a 30gal tank? Want to make it heavily planted

Jo-Ann Guthur says:

love the light! I’m gonna get one for my study – Thanks thanks thanks!!

DJ CDUB says:

What is the difference between the salt and fresh?

X x says:

GET A gar

Kandamonium says:

I run them on my reef tank and I’m in love with them as well! They’ve been on for about 6 months now, no issues. I also have their flex arm mount. Makes it easy for moving out of the way for water changes. 🙂

kindzius says:

how many prime hd units I need for the 250 gal tank which is 240 cm long ?

jim carson says:

199 in the US now for the Marine Version, thanks for showing how the light works, you showed more than all of the other vides that I have seen on how to set them up, I am still a little confused but much better off now than before. Some videos show a Done button on the upper right screen WOW what a great idea but mine shows a weird little circle thingy just like yours does. SO AI is smart enough to make a nice light but not smart enough to put a Done button for everyone.

Joyce Wolan says:

hey guy where did you buy your backgrounds

Daniel Gonzalez says:

Can you get us a discount code???

PHLuke 19 says:

Open question, should you start dosing a planted tank from initial set up or would this overload the nutrients before plants have grown enough to use them? I have recently started a new planted tank with substrate, root tabs, co2 and dose seachem flourish and excel (combat bba) thanks

Sahil Kilinadan Sahil Kilinadan says:

Bro.. i dont know whether u will reply me or not i had tragic accident that happend to you before 4 month i fed up my green asian arowana is dead i dont know what happen to him iam done bro

Titus Fleming says:

Is lava rock merely placed in the tank going to add to bio filter?

Keith Mullineaux says:

Is there a way to mount these lights under a wooden canopy? It looked like you had them mounted somehow under a canopy.

Cindy O'Hara says:

Hi Joey, which lights are you using over the external tanks

bigdreams says:

Awesome light, exactly what I have been looking for at a reasonable price point!! Time to upgrade !!!! Thanks for sharing!

Luis Najera says:

Wonder if they will do the HYDRA Fresh water

Jaraad Afroze Ahmed says:

How big do pearl stingrays get?

Freshman Aquatics says:

I love your videos and you introduced me to the hobby. I got my first tank 3 months ago (10 gallon)and I am finally getting my second tank (29 gallon) now. I love your videos so much.

Paul Garwood says:

Would one of these be enough for a 2 foot x 2 foot x 2 foot tank?

Blake Taranto says:

DIY would you ever think of keep bass, peacoack bass or exotic catfish?

Brayden Foster says:

What is the difference between lights designed for fresh water and lights for salt water tanks?

kyle jacobi says:

Hey their joey ! Have u ever looked at coraulux storm controller or the blue fish controller I want to to a diy that will have full control and last forever and I’m so tossed for and led light set up

Tomohisa Ishii says:

I bet you’re helping move units for them. You should ask for discount code for your viewers;)

Daniel Gonzalez says:

are the saltware tank coming soon?

Richard Yin says:

Whats the tank behind you?? That looks awesome!

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