MY NEW FAVORITE LIGHT! Fluval Plant Spectrum 3.0 LED Light Review

My new favorite light is the Fluval Plant Spectrum 3.0 LED Light. I did this review as a follow up to the fluval 2.0 that I loved previously. The things we forgot is, yes the light is waterproof and you can control the light with a normal button you don’t have to use just the app. Please support us by buying the light form us:
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cutebabyJ17 says:

I actually just bought a 2.0 last week! Went ahead and returned it and bought from you! Can’t wait to get it!

jamie watton says:

Is the Aquarium Coop app available on android?

DirtySheets75 says:

Lol @ Ladybird poppin in to say whats up @4:25 hahaha

Zip Lynx says:

It does remember the settings even if the internet goes out right?

Adam Head says:

Cory what do you think about the finnex planted + cc?? Think you’ll do a review on that light which would be the 3.0 competition. I think the Bluetooth capabilities of the 3.0 are really awesome but the finnex planted+ looks good in its own right.

Alex Romero says:

Hmm hopefully It fits a 20g tall

Shelley G. says:

I have the 2.0 on my 75 Gal….would love one of these for one of my other tanks. Just dont think I can afford it right now. Bummer

Bumpy says:

Definitely getting one for my 20 gallon tall planted! I love the app – now we just need to combine filter/heater/light/co2 and I personally believe waaayyy more people would get into aquariums.

Keith Allen says:

So it’s just Bluetooth? It has all of the features I want, but no WIFI.

Litha Belle says:

Two questions:
1. What happens so when Sassy k okay it into the tank? As amazingly waterproof as the 2.0?
2. What is the actual PAR reading when in auto on daylight? And not with everything maxed which is a kind of nebulous value to show.

Malevolent Duppy says:

Looks more like a gimmick than a good light!

Mostlyharmless1985 says:

I should/could google this, but what exactly is a PAR?

john gonzalez says:

Cory, in your opinion is it enough light for high light plant needs?

48tomw says:

Less PAR doesn’t mean it has less photosynthetically usable radiation(PUR). The new led technology is getting better every year by leveraging more PUR vs PAR,this saves energy and the emitters last longer. Light and Redox are my personal specialty you could say and because I maintain a few mixed reef tanks for clients I really had to step up my game in understanding led technology and how to use it properly. I would use this light if I could see the spectral output, to me that’s just as important as using PAR to determine whether this light would do the job.

Valtra Kernow says:

Cory you didnt actually show us the light. I wanna see!

charles eagles says:

when fluval release date

Tampa Tom says:

It’s got all the quirks and features huh

Adam K says:

Hi Cory, I would love you to explain exactly what a loss of 8 par means.

Jordan Dean says:

I have the 2.0 and love it. Once it dies or i get another tank i will for sure be getting one of these. Fluval products are worth the money! Thanks for the review cory

Jeremy Scott says:

Just bought a Finnex Planted +, now I want this one. Lol, thanks for the review, would be interested to see how it does on a tank after a few months as far as plant growth is concerned.

Mohanad Alsubhi says:

Can I Use A kitchen sponge for a filter

Shaun Lomas says:

How long will it last , its flouval

Love Goldens says:

can you buy this light in the uk

Monkey Nut says:

Please open up a store in the uk so we can. All support you from here !!

colinbarsby says:

I’ve got the Fluval 2.0 and LOVE IT!!! Dang now they’ve even better……….Hmmmmm.

firekitty0 says:

Hi Cory i just ordered the Fluval 2.0 LED Light. after seeing your 800g for my 320g. they are crazy $$ over her in Aus . Tell Fluval that they need to send you more stuff so i can get a real review . and make there stuff in Aus cheaper we pay 3x as much on some products.

Terri Miller says:

My tank is 56 gallons but it’s a tall one I have trouble finding a light that will be bright enough for it would this do the job

Morpheus852 says:

Thanks for your review, I’m glad the market goes slowly to affordable app lighting.

Aquarium Co-Op says:

*If you’d like to see more reviews like this, consider supporting us by buying your fluval 3.0 from us!*

Lori Green says:

I just got the 2.0 from Aquarium Co-Op. I like the simplicity of it and the extra PAR I get from it if needed. I don’t see myself needing anything else, but thank you for the review on the 3.0 🙂

fallrightintoplace says:

Very nice review Corey, If I get one I’ll be ordering it from you.

Gustavo Rodriguez says:

Are you going to be reviewing the finnex planted 24/7 cc?

James Leiser says:

Dang, just bought the 2.0 last week. Oh well, still a major improvement from what I used 20 years ago.

Miky Schuster says:

You are bringing the #fluvalstrippin to a whole nother level cory.
keep it up

Fish For Thought says:

So expensiiiiivee

cathy novoselac says:

Thanks Cory. You are a nice guy.

bivious1 says:

Love the review, thanks much. Any word if it wil be programmable by zipcode so tank sunrise and sunset match outside?

Will Deasy says:

Hey Cory awesome vid. Does this do 240v?

The Famous Aquarist says:

Thanks for the review. The only reason I would get the Fluval light is to grow high light plants. Will the extra par the 2.0 has make a difference in growing a carpet of Dwarf Baby Tears?

ELR says:

Are there colors or combinations of light that are best for certain plants or for growing/not growing algae or is it all trial and error or use what looks good to you? As a tech nerd I’m drooling over this but can’t justify upgrading my 2.0 unless the 3.0 comes with a no-algae guarantee lol!

charles eagles says:

doesn’t help I’m in Canada….

P J says:

I built my own light with floodlight 😛 ~30 dollars from Ebay, works as good as those 500 dollars with a ”cool” mark on them. My plants grows like never before and my fishes loves the more sun-alike light from the floodlight.

Jonni C says:

Great review Cory!

Wish I could buy your products but international shipping must be a nightmare so totally get why you can’t/won’t.

Bubblebreath says:

What’s the situation with protection against water? I think you put the 2.0 through rigorous underwater testing but I don’t recall hearing anything about how the 3.0 handles it unless I missed it. Thx!

Andrew Tefend says:

Wow great review! I’m currently running a Current “Marine” LED Pro on my freshwater, low-mid light planted tank; (note: I’m only using the Marine LED pro because I had it left over from my saltwater tank). However, I’ve been reading it’s not efficient enough to light my current setup. My question is do you recommend I buy the Fluval 3.0 light to replace it? Great videos Cory I really value your opinion.

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