Hey guys! This is my review on the KESSIL A 360WE Tuna Sun Led aquarium lights. These lights are awesome! I will be explaining the basic light functions. I will do a video on the controller soon ! Thanks for watching ! Please rate, comment and subscribe 🙂


WoundrousMindTrick says:

With those plant species you could have gone with 2 and just raised them higher for better spread.
Important thing is to keep the CO2 stable around 20 PPM or higher, and keeping the organics low in the tank.
Biggest mistake people make in this hobby is pushing too much light (PAR) and not having enough CO2 to compensate. That way you create problems with algae.
You are much better off buying a really good pressurized CO2 and a two bulb T5 lights system than maxing out lights and skimp on the CO2.

pecktec says:

Hey great video! Quick question. I’m getting a similar tank and was wondering something. If your running at half power could I get away with three smaller ones? And still grow plants ok?

Michael Frascati says:

Thanks for clearing up some questions about Kessil LEDs. Appreciated tour of tank too! Very nice. I’ll check out more of your vids.

W4RD1N8ER says:

Thats a real nice planted tank buddy I just ordered a 160e tuna sun for my 25 gallon I have been after these lights for years it was just never in my budget or logical to purchase at the times I when I had money, but I had enough waiting and ordered one today your review was good answered all my questions about these lights thanks for sharing.

Versaquatics1 says:

How many drips of co2 per second are you dosing?

Mad Caleb says:

Hey, I use Kessils, Heres my tank:

jay dee says:

I have a question for you the tank I saw had so much shimmer. Does yours I can’t tell maybe cause it’s a video?

taboostable says:

how deep is the tank… do you think the kessil would do on a 24″deep high tech carpeted tank?

ay_b0ss says:

do you think 2 360s will be enough for a 5ft long 100gal?? I don’t think I can afford 3 of these now… lol

kai PAXpress says:

Do you still have reef tanks? Have you tried Kessils on your reef (of course not these models that’d be ALGAE central)? I just started a marine tank after having planted tanks for 5+ years thinking of lighting options for the future and I already have 2 amazon suns on my 40B.

Eduardo Recio says:

Could you say the measurements of your aquarium?

I have 3 saved Kessil A360 spotlights and I want to make a new aquarium. The measurements of your aquarium serve me to imagine the final result of mine.

Greetings fron Spain.


Tanks looking good…great review!

Don Suomi says:

That’s a really great tank you have! Looks amazing with those lights on top!
Different question: is there a benefit to running both co2 and also an air pump?

Varun Pathak says:

what is the length of your tank could you tell me in feet love your work

Logan Ross says:

Your tank looks really fun. FunTek tanks.

jay dee says:

The guy from Jessie at reefa palooza told me they last 15 years.

The Cichlid Show says:

Yeah wow. Thank you sir. The fan part is worrying me a bit. If I have 4-6 of these is it going to be super loud? Hard to gauge without hearing them in person.

Fred Beer says:

Damn those lights must have cost you an arm and a leg

Zacks Tanks Crazy Aquarium Guy says:

Nice collection of Kessil Lights! Awesome.

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