NEW aquarium light unboxing – It’s BRIGHT!

Aquarium lighting review for aquascapes, planted tanks and reef aquariums.

This is an unboxing and first impression review of the FLAT ONE by ONF Lighting.

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Filmed at Aqua Depot –

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Dawn Scoggins says:

That’s a super nice light but jeeeeez. Who would pay that for a light? D:

total msport says:

Hi George, at the opposite end of the cost spectrum do you have an opinion of the chihiros rgb? I’m looking to replace my fluval aquasky’s for something more suitable over a planted tank. Chiriros seems to tick all the boxes? Thanks for your time

Lance van de Vyver says:

4500 lumens JOISUS

Jon Watson says:

Thanks for the video George. Think I saw this led in Dustin’s video in the Aquaria shop, it looked really sleek.
Not so keen on the way the aluminium legs sit on the tank but looks to have everything you want in an led light.
Look forward to hearing about how it performs.

Paul Leahy says:

Hi George,

May I ask what CO2 reactor is being used with the 2 bubble counters (visible around 6 minutes)? I’d like to run a single tank for two aquariums.

Many thanks – and this light looks great, can’t wait to see how it performs.

All the best!

Josh K says:

Looks good but 60cm? come on

Aqua Juwel says:

Very clean look. I like the design……

Northie says:

I don’t really like wide luminaires like that and the price is oof. I mean I recently got Econlux SolarStinger, controller, driver, and Juwel cover and they all totalled about 500€ including the shipping fees. The light bar is much thinner and has 120 degree lens, 50% white and 50% rgb cree leds, 74 watts, and programmable schedule so for me compared to that this one seems very pricey.

That being said I actually found out I prefer the longer Arcadia Stretch Led which is only 47W and much cheaper. I just tend to like cooler color spectrum and despite the fact you can control half of the leds in SolarStinger you still can’t get the same shade as in Arcadias. Too bad that the stretch led is lacking 120 degree lens.

Jurijs Jutjajevs says:

The suspended version of it is much nicer, and their custom mounting arm is amazing.

@quaHolic says:

Hmmm, Better with 3700k-max 10000k

Ian Tingzon says:

Around 300usd. Not bad I guess

H- says:

Wait a minute are those prices for real ???? $12,600 DOLLARS!!!!!!!!!!

Steve La Canne says:

says its $5,000! what the heck? and $3,800 for the hanging kit lmao!!! Thats insane

Kit Chan says:

Please let us know the website of this company.

Emrah Dolgunsöz says:

Great product

Ralph Manning says:

Looks like there are only 4 intensity increments when dimming? Despite George pressing the buttons many times at 7:13, it only appears to dim 4 levels. Same for the slider when demonstrating the app, the dimming wasnt smooth and a slider control would imply it would be. They’d be better off with a different UI control instead of a slider for both the dimming level and colour temperature, given they both step up/down in only handful of increments. The industrial design and finish look good though.

Paul Ashton says:

£400 is way too much for this light. what ever happened to led’s being a cheaper technology?

sniperwipers says:

Looks stunning to be fair. I thought to myself ,hmm i may look into one of those. Than £400 came up on the screen and looking at them on youtube is the closest i am getting to one 😀

sacasan andrei says:

George , please I beg you to make a video about the best lighting systems you’ve used, including GroBeam, Kessil, Twinstar,Ada, etc. An opinion about each of them, for those who do not have the material opportunity to test them. With respect , keep all the good work u’r dooing!

Jason Yeung says:

i got this light last year, its amazing and it worth it. I love it !

WoundrousMindTrick says:

Should have had green and red LED diodes which you could control via the app as well.

yu zhifan says:

Cool Flat one. I have got the hanger version, which is even nicer~ here is the company website.

Shane Fraser says:

Thanks for the video. Apologies if this is in another video (new to the channel), but where are your stainless steel intake bits etc. from?

Dominik Figueroa says:

$13,000 for 36″ light, I love aquariums but I could spend that money so much better someplace else

bhillson says:

That light looks amazing

philip hartland says:

I was liking it till you said the price tag kinda killed it for me.

Cooleo says:

omg way to expensive.

Dante Daniel Marcenaro Silva says:

Mándame una Lima Perú

MickMaan says:

It’s how much?!?! Unless that comes with a tank, canister filter and heater, that price is madness. Plus it isn’t water-proof. I’d be put off by that fact alone, simply for safety concerns. Am I the only one getting a bit tired of everything having to have an app – I don’t mean just in this hobby? My £5 digital timers do the job just fine.

Renan Ogiwara says:

WTF… wanna mean WHAT A LIGHT!

Gus. says:

Amazing light, but at £335 + shipping, a bit expensive for my taste.


Nice looking light unit. Looks like it may give twinstar a run for its money.

the lazy fish keeper says:

a little on the pricy side i think i will stick to $8 shop lamp and the $4 65K led bulb for now, but it did look sharpe
stay well

Driftin Driftwood says:

Is the Practical Fishkeeping magazine over? Can’t get it here in Canada at the bookstores anymore?

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