Nicrew LED Review Aquarium Light – Is It Cheap?!?

My review of the Nicrew aquarium led light.
Also, the beneficial bacteria in a freshwater tank do not live in the water column​. They live only on the hard surfaces in the tank and it’s literally impossible to remove all the beneficial bacteria by doing a large water change.

I did this to prove you can change as much water as you want to someone. I fill and drain at the same time. About 30 gallons in 20 minutes from a 40. Let it run for an hour. Direct tap water from a line matched to temp. Treated as it filled. Guess what happened. Nothing.

I’m really disappointed in all the finger pointing and negativity towards others on this page. Constructive advise is all that’s ever needed. No need to try to make people feel inadequate or inferior.

I have had a 75g goldfish tank for 4 years. I do agree the better filtration the more stable the tank will be. I do run an FX6 on my tank but I had an Aquatop 500UV on it before last year and I absolutely loved it….in fact I like it better than the FX6 but that’s not the point…Once your tank is stable I do 50% water change once a week and I do vac every time. I have sand now instead of gravel and with the FX6 I don’t have any poop laying around and my water is always crystal clear. However, when I changed over to the FX6 my water was very cloudy. It took almost 2 full months and then I finally put in the powerhead and water bottle filter and it cleared in in a week. You might want to put an air stone or two in for more movement in the tank. How long have you had it set up???

The penguin 350 and 400 are nice because they have baskets for extra media plus normal filters and bio wheels for bacteria also. I found a great media for a good price recently. It’s called bio glass and is sinisterned glass and very porous which is what you want when growing bacteria. This media out performs any ceramic media and also any sponge media. Why? Surface area!

Nicrew aquarium LED light review. The ones with just bubbles? Nothing more then some aeration from surface movement and decoration. Actual sponge filters offer a lot of bio surface for bacteria. I assumed you were talking about something like in the picture.
Ones with just bubbles still require you to have a filter of some sort. Hob or a canister or another sponge filter ect.

OMG!!! hahaha I’m reading all these comments and advise and I’m getting dizzy!! Do this, no do that, no do this instead….On and on it goes! Shane Effler are you confused yet? haha It goes to show how passionate we all are about fish keeping and we all think the way WE do it is the best. You have gotten some great advise in the comments above. (Some not so great) I hope you will figure out a way that works for you. I agree with stronger filter in this case due to the goldfish. Bio media for SURE! Think more “fresh water but keep bacteria in filter”

Change out your current HOB filter with a 110 Aquaclear… use some poly filter media and if it doesn’t alert you to any serious findings use some clarity to try and clear your water up. Lots of solutions out there though.


Fish Tropic says:

Cool review… Are you going to grow plants with it ?

João Gonçalves says:

Just to give some info: I’m growing many different plants with the 80cm version, no problems whatsoever. Great light for the price.

Brandon Taylor says:

Great video, I have a 55 gallon aquarium for 1 red ear slider. Should I purchase the marineland emperor 400 or aqua clear 100? I’m trying to get the water crystal clear, thanks!

Yolanda Flowers says:

Really you didn’t shut off your other light so we could see! Arrg!


cool light plants would be cool but for $50 you cabby beat that great review there’s no link in the description box

AquariumCop says:

I have the 28 ” , love it

Josh Booth says:

Is it super bright be any chance ;)?

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