ONF Flat ONE Aquarium Light – Owner Review (Half Year)

I have been running the ONF Flat ONE over my 17g drop off tank since day one. Besides being a beautiful light, it has also done an excellent job growing corals. To learn more about this light, check out their website at: http://www.onfaqua.com

Music by: DJ Quads


915Mang says:

Great Video

John Hartanowicz says:

Where can you purchase these? I can’t find anyone that carries it and the website doesn’t really elude to anything…did they go out of business?

pok yin Fan says:

What’s up Inappropriate Reefer. Love your channel and I bought this light after watching your review, thanks! It’s really a great looking light. Just wondering what your mobile app setting is. In the clip, you mentioned set it to 70% B and 30% W, I assume that is the manual mode, so what is your intensity and how long do you leave it on? Thx

ReefDudes says:

I have never seen this light except on your channel. Looks pretty sleek overall!

hobohunter2316 says:

How do you like the hydor skimmer? Is it loud at all?

Michael Kirby says:

Great video love the look of the tank ! I have a question for you can I keep a torch coral next to a hammer like 5 inches away from each other or do I need to move it ? What’s up Reefer !

Infamous Aquatics says:

This is a well put together review. Taking notes brother. clap* clap* clap*

Michael Kirby says:

Thank you for your help and advice on my hammer and torch I didn’t know what would happen if I put them together ! keep up with those great videos ! What’s up Reefer’s love it !

Gb J says:

Great review! For the drop off tank, How much calcium and alkalinity do you side each day for each one. do you side by hand or do you have a dosing pump for this job?

Nano_Joe says:

Nice review brotha. The drop off is doing fantasitc!

Rosco's Reef with Scott says:

Great review IR and I did enjoy the amount if information you gave. See you soon at Reefapalooza.

nodrules2 says:

when did life after college get a new channel and kick the dog to the curb?

J-HOOK TV says:

How much?

Serenity's journey says:

Loving the light and the tank !

刘志刚 says:


Jonah Nguyen says:

can this light be bought in the U.S.?

Jonathon Ellis says:

I know your probably busy and dont have time to make content all the time but I really like your videos so keep pushing em out 🙂 I wanna see what you can do with a much bigger tank ahah

ItsMalek says:

Like if you keep thinking he is saying flatworm

Coral Kid says:

Awesome video I really wanna check out that light

weewtwet etwetwe says:

i wish the light was painted black, and do u have scratch on ur tank so far?

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