Planted Aquarium Light. Plants 101 Lighting

Planted Aquarium Lights are a relatively simple subject. I break it down between LED, T5, T8, Power compacts etc. Once you have the right light for your planted aquarium it gets a lot easier to grow plants. A great guide for the beginner planted aquarium.
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Doug Geib says:

how do you feel about the finnex planted+ 24/7 LED light? Its dimmable with a lot of options

jim murphy says:

Hi, i have a rectangular 55g split tank with 2- 18inch single bulb ballast lights.I have 1- 15w -T8 -18,000K-aqua glow tube light in each one.Ive started a planted tank with amazon sword, hornwort,parrot feather. The substrate is 1/8 inch black gravel .My plants are not doing well.Is it my lighting that is the problem?Is it worth it to fertilize the plants or am i wasting money untill i change my lighting? Would the submersible LED lights that are available on Wish for cheap help my lighting issue? Thank you!

andrew kennedy says:

will you ship plants to the uk I will pay for it

Taylor Jurek says:

This guy is so knowledgeable it’s crazy! Thanks for sharing such amazing information! You are helping so much in starting up my own planted tank!

aidan 892 says:

Is 2 10w led flood lights and 1 led light fixture over kill for a 10 gallon?

kenneth mowery says:

My plants keep dying and I’m not sure why it’s my first time using real plants

Grace McNeil says:

Thank you so much! Greetings from Devon, in the UK.

Nihilistenthusiast says:

Cory, after much searching on the internet and local stores, I’ve found your channel to be the most useful. That being said I need help. I’m new to high light/high care plants and can’t seem to fix my issue. I think I have all but dialed it down to lighting, though.

I have a 29 Standard (30x18x12) with a flourite/gravel mis and an undergravel filter. I also have an Aqueon quiet flow 20 (hot rodded). I’m using the Finnex PLanted + 24/7 (mistakes were made I feel)

My plants include: Wisteria, Java Moss, Purple Cabomba, Red Ludwigia, Mermaid Weed, Temple, and an anubias (can’t remember the species).

Live Stock: Mating pair of German Blue Rams, 12 ember tetras, all the snails. Assorted ramshorn and trumpet snails. Also some assassin snails.

The problem I’m having is really in all my moderate to high light plants. My cabomba is yellowing around the bottoms on some of the older stalks and the stalks on the new growth are generally weak. My Mermaid weed and Ledwigia barely seem to grow, and my temple leaves dissolve within a few months of reaching maturity. Also, my java moss is more like cotton than the java moss you see in videos and pictures.

I’ve tried everything for months now from increasing nutrients to decreasing nutrients, changing flow, liquid ferts and root tabs.(currently using seachem line, but thinking about giving your easy green product a try) No carbon, yes carbon… The only thing I haven’t done is tried to increase lighting. I hear you talk about 6 inches of growth in a day on some of your plants and I’m just not seeing that and I want it.

Any advice you have would be great, but I feel I know the answer – More lighting. If you feel the same, what do you think would be a good light to go with it?

Sean Smith says:

Hey Cory, I have a 5.5 gallon tank, I am trying to grow Monte Carlo, Dwarf Sag, crypt wendtii ‘red’, Water Sprite (this stuff is easy) Anubias Nana Barteri, Bucephalandra, and Christmas Moss. I think I need a better light. currently have a eLive clip on with 2 High Output, 1 50/50, 1 Planted pod installed. I’m not convinced this is as great of a light as my LFS said it was. I am thinking about the Finnex FugeRay Planted+ 16″. Thoughts or better suggestion?

Aquarium Co-Op says:

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Elizabeth Johnston says:

If you have a light that is lower PAR.. Could a reflective surface on the underside of the hood improve the light? Bounce more light back down maybe?

ScottOne says:

Uhg, this is getting to be way too much information. I don’t know WHAT to get now!

andrew kennedy says:

what Colour are the best to grow plants

La Reina says:

I am so glad I watched your videos because I’m going to create my first solo aquarium, planted at that, and you address every nook and cranny of aquatic concerns.

fallrightintoplace says:

These 101 videos have been super helpful. Thank you!

Callie Walker says:

Hi, Corey. I have just recently upgraded my lighting from a 48″ power compact fixture, to an Aquatic Life Edge LED fixture. My whole tank is now being taken over by the brown diatom algae. I have been leaving the moonlight (blue) lights on all night. Is that the problem? Do plants need a period of absolute darkness for proper photosynthesis, a rest period, or is the new light not bright enough?

Jordan Yang says:

You can raise the light up as well but at a cost.

Johnny Koziol says:

Cory. What do you thank about HID for very big tropical plants? Great video love your information!

Captain Lavender says:

What about a 56g corner tank bowfront? I am good finding lighting for my rectangular/square tanks but this dang tank is causing me grief when it comes to lighting. I know I can’t light it all uniformly but I am struggling even to find lighting that makes the tank look well lit. I got it simply to utilize a specific space in my house, and I’ve currently got three different light fixtures on it and it’s just so BLAH. It grows plants well but the lighting just doesn’t WOW visually if that makes sense. Any suggestions would be AMAZING!

Russell Garcia says:

What are your thoughts on the Fluval aquasky and plants?

Avitar73 says:

I am considering placing a 38g tall tank in a large window seat. This of course will then be in the direct sunlight for 6-8 hours a day given the light this receives. Is this a good idea in general? If it isn’t a crazy idea, is it sufficient for the tank to grow plants without any additional lighting?


Hey Cory what LED fixture would you recommend for a 40 breeder it will have Monte Carlo in it? Appreciate the help.

logan roast corner says:

Cory I know your busy I am up grading to the nicrew deluxe for a 20 gallon

Hazmirul Afiq says:

Hello, what happen if I over light my planted aquarium. (eg. 24hr/7days light on) What happen to plant, any suggestion, tips, will help. thanks.

dropthe_bass 21 says:

What would you recommend for a 20 tall ? Thanks

Grimm Reapo says:

im quite a handy man, so i use the 4 feet LED shop lights from the hardware store on all my planted breeder tanks, but i modify the hoods and make my own reflectors so the light goes straight down, and not out to the sides so much, some aluminum foil and glue woks well as a reflector on the inside, and some tin, tin snips, and rivets can make the edges of the hood come straight down directing the light down into the tank instead of away from it. for my show tanks i tend to use the stingrays.

Philthy Phill says:

question. Would you buy a light with white and blue. Or the full spec light with green/blue/red/white? I will be doing low to med light plants. Also I want it to bring out colors on GBR and golds and electric blue rams. I will NOT be dosing co2. Hope you can help. Thanks

Side note. I have notice at my lfs they have a only white light but it’s a 3 led bulb light. and it looks awesome but I can’t find an led bar light with only white.

francisco menjivar says:

How far does my light supposed to be away from the top of the tank?

Stale Meme says:

Does anyone have any recommendation for my 3.5 planted bowl?

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