Razor EA60 LED Aquarium LED Light – Beamswork Planted Tank

Beamswork Planted Tank Aquarium LED light review. It performs similar to a Finnex Stingray but it is cheaper.
Buy it here: http://amzn.to/1YpKlZa

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RobStealth says:

Nice Review Corey.. Beamswork makes some great quality lights at an affordable price can’t beat it dude

IFG says:

I run beamswork 6500k on my 220. I have never seen this version.

Damion Markham says:

thanks Cory. do you think led lights loose part over time?

Brian says:

Thanks another great video.

Rich's Fishes says:

didnt realize how cheap the beamswork was. What spectrum is this supposed to display?

joemanta7 says:

Cory would u know if these lights are UL rated or ETL rated .

Eli Ballinger says:


Again, great video. And, thank you for your swift response to my other question; I do appreciate it. I do have a question pertaining to lighting in general, though. What are the differences to using a single stronger light source versus several smaller, weaker light sources. For example, using a Finnex Planted+ or two Finnex Stingrays (choices here are relatively arbitrary as far as brands go), would there be a difference?


Superfish says:

This light vs FSPEC light you reviewed later and you recommended this one. But why do the reviews say the FSPEC is 4.5 stars yet this one is only 3 stars on amazon.


Is it possible to make your own light with daylight bulbs or something the cheapest led light is 100 dollars + here. Not for any high needing plants

Superfish says:

Beamswork EA Timer 6500K 0.50W LED Aquarium Light Freshwater Plant if you copy paste on amazon.com, this seams pretty good with great reviews and at 6500K instead of 10000K

L Cook says:

What cheap light do you recommend for a med tech 20 long? Which beamswork?

Badandy538 says:

I wonder if the PAR changes dramatically on a 20 high like you alluded to at the end.

The Fish Closet says:

I have a bunch of beamsworks lights….can’t complain.

Edgar Giron says:

can you do a stream some time in the week or today

Kodiak Bear says:

I think that the reason this light i better than a stingray is that the longer models are not that much more expensive than the shorter ones, you can get the 48 inch for only 30 dollars, when the stingray is over 60 when its cheap. Also could I use a 48 inch light(not necessarily this brand) to light two 20 tall aquariums?

King Waltz says:

We want more beamswork light info!! :D. Great video man

PajamaPantsMan says:

do you think this enough to grow ludwigia repens and Brazilian pennywort?

iDJB- says:

My jack dempseys duga pit now should i set up a fry tank

Myn Mai says:

So I just received my Beamswork ET 60 6500k from topdogsellers on eBay and set it up. This thing flickers…like the EA 60 you tested. I’m thinking this manufacturer is going downhill.

Home Aquatics Hobby says:

I got this one on ebay and it’s one of my favorite lights. The white is nice and bright and so is the blue.

Indie In The Blood says:

holy shit I go away for a day and theres so many new videos 😀 lol good job mate

AQUA NUT says:

dang thats pretty bad that you didn’t even get a second mount with the light I really hope that was a one time thing.

AZ Freshwater Breeder says:

Great vid!

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