Recurve LED Review: An AWESOME New Kind of Aquarium Light!

Maxspect Recurve:
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My Reef Life says:

Looks like a sweet light!

Dlucks says:

It’s got passive cooling right here with some fans up top…

So… Active cooling

Very nice looking light, thanks.

StudioReef says:

Looks really good 😀 Great video. What cam are you shooting with pls? 😀

Joe's Coral Reef says:

Cool review view. Wow those tanks are tasty. Like a bag of skittles.

Kurt Espiritu says:

Gud am bro. Bro do you have free light for reef tank good for 20gal tank. Im a fan of your channel. Im from philippines. Thanks. Godbless

william wulffleff says:

The price point sucks $1299 for the 4′ and at the end of the day it’s not a radion

915Mang says:

Nice Light cool App too

Vasco Jardim says:

Looks Amazing!!!! This is what I have been waiting for to move from T5! Hate all the shadowing and disco effect of most current focus point LEDs. Would have been great if you could have taken some PAR measurements! Currently have an 8×80 Giesemann T5 and have been waiting for this to come out. Contrary to what has been said IT IS NOT in the market for a while. It has just hit the stores. Particularly interested to see if PAR remains flat off centre or if the side strips are just for looks.

Matthew Gordon says:

Anybody have some par numbers on this light?


you d’a shit Jake… lolololololo.. hahaha

Bronxton says:

LED. Nothing but empty calories man. Long live MH.

Zodd Sonofthor says:

It boggles my mind how far behind reef led lights are compared to horticultural. At the end of the day led lighting lives and dies on efficacy and pretty much the majority of led used is cheap bin numbers and bottom end drivers. But I guess most consumers don’t look much beyond nice looks and gimmicky lighting effects.

akhilennium says:

those montis are wicked

Mike B says:

I want to like Maxspect lights, I really do especially as an alternative to Ecotech or AI, but you hear about them on these blogs and maybe at some shows but that’s it. I mean the Ethereals didn’t come out too long ago and you don’t hear anyone using them, are they garbage, are they good, nope… everyone with EcoTech or AI fixtures, and handful of others with things like GHL fixtures. Now we have the Recurve which again looks great on your blog, but in a couple years time will anyone even be talking about it anymore?

Andrew Lucfr says:

Upgraded from the older Razor to the Recurve. My sps love it! Have been using for 3 months now. It does a good job at eliminating dark areas! Now they are compatible with the ICV6! yay!

Fish Frenzy says:

It looks Awesome!!!!

Brandon W says:

Jake what is the monti at 11:50?

Chris Crigger says:

This store is awesome. Just sucks that it’s a 3 hr trip every time I want to go there. But always worth it.

walter otiepka says:

Jake would the 3 foot version provide good coverage for a 4 ft tank?

kai PAXpress says:

Aquatic art is where I bought my peninsula. Love Aquatic Art, cris is awesome he helped me pick my fish and did a great job helping me stock it.

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