Review AquaticLife Halo Deluxe LED Freshwater Aquarium Lighting Fixture


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Laura Wrenn says:

Thank you Dave!!

Agr414 says:

Looks like a lot of neat features. I like how they have that frosted visor around the bottom of the light

Salazard Serpentard says:


colinbarsby says:

Nice review. LEDs are the new frontier.

Hugh Melton says:

Hey Dave. I was wanting to buy some more rock from you. I tried emailing you. I know you’ve had trouble with your Facebook account. shoot me an email. Thanks

thepokekid01 says:

It seems like a very cool lamp

Brian's Fish Tanks says:

Looks like they are great lights. Thanks for the review!

ADU Aquascaping says:

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j03yYunG Aquariums says:

Aquaticlife has some very cool LEDs. Great review.

AngusAndBubba says:

daaaamn that’s expensive

Jake Tracy says:

Dave answer my emails please. We need to get a plug out for The Aquatic Experience in Chicago very soon.

Jerry Jobe says:

Hey Dave. I’m JJ. I will be at the Aquatic Experience. I record on ScapeFu, and I was wondering if you would mind and do an interview with me. Appreciate it!

Laura Wrenn says:

Love the lights Dave!
I wonder how many of these would it take to light a 65 gallon tall (36 x 18 x 25)?
It would be nice to only have to buy one 🙂

Laura Wrenn says:

I believe you are correct.
I am new to the Apex, so not really sure. But, it sounds easy enough.
I just don’t know what cable to use.
I have my Kessil to Apex Controller Cable, maybe that would work the same?
If you could ask you contact, that would be great 🙂
Thank you!!
P.S. I may need a little more dragon stone, do you have some on hand?

Jon Dillon says:

hey Dave!! I love all of your videos. I have a simple question for you, I just want a strong high par light at a 12″ depth for my 20 long. I want to grow very high light plants. can you help me with a good recommendation? I know you’ve probably been asked this many times but I’m having a horrible time. I have been debating between the fluval fresh and plant led 2.0 or marine land aquatic plant led.. I will have ada soil and co2. plenty of co2. will you help me? I’m almost stressed over this….

aquaticdiver1 says:

Ugly………. very ugly. Remind me of patio lanterns.

Salazard Serpentard says:


Uzair Lodhi says:

fish tank goals right there

Florida Outlander says:

Man, I absolutely LOVE the scape in this 40b!!! When I upgrade to a 40b (hopefully in a few months) I will be using yours as an inspiration. Mine will be low tech/low light tho.

Hugo Mondragon G says:

nice tank bro am new to this plz check out my channel

Laura Wrenn says:

I have 2 kessil mounting arms. The mounting screws are M4 in size.
The Halo screw hole on the top is M5 in size.
In your opinion, do you think there is any way to make this work with the kessil mounting arm or bracket.
The Halo’s mounting arms are way over priced and I am trying to think of a way to make it work and save some money 🙂

MrHoney2U says:

Nice light and review. The tank looks great.

Ethan Katz says:

Such a gorgeous tank. You can tell AquaticLife that this video inspired me to pick their product over Kessil for my new 75G.

What brand of tank is that?

Laura Wrenn says:

If I were to use 1 slave unit with an Apex, do you know what cable I would need to connect the Halo to the Apex?

jwool27 says:

Thanks for the review. I can agree to the price per hobby statement. Having a vintage race car and a rifle hobby the aquarium hobby is not as bad but like anything you can sink a fortune into it. As long as you enjoy it who cares.

I have the aquatic life Edge LED on my 60p set up as a high tech Co2 tank. I’m still figuring out the balance to get good growth. Seeing this new Halo series has me considering it. Has aquatic life or anyone given data to compare the two models? Is the halo series a significant improvement in the LED’s used as well as the spectrum? My Edge LED functions exactly the same with the same timer system/interface, however I’m wondering if the actual diodes are calibrated better for freshwater setups.

shizdank says:

cool light!

TWK Aquascaping says:

Looking good, dude! I’m considering trying this fixture out for my next scape soon.

skipcharlie says:

Would this light be suitable for a 75 gallon, and does it provide the same shimmer effect kessil lighting does?

jeremiemcd says:

Sweet lights, how did the plants do on the transition from your old setup,? did your plants melt? tank looks a lot better, keep up the great wrk 🙂

Julian Purdy says:

What types of fish do you have in this tank?

sachintha weerasinghe says:

Hello,This is not regarding the current video,but is it possible for you to do a video on the importance of water flow within a nature aquarium to prevent algae.

ADU Aquascaping says:

With 80 degree lenses at 24″ you get 155 PAR with one fixture. So, I ended up installing the 80 degree lenses.
You can also adjust the height of the Mounting arm. I am running each fixture at 50% and using only 90 watts. About the same amount of wattage I was using with the Finnex RayII and Ecoxotic E-Series. This fixtures color rendering is insane!

Brandon C. says:

The turning off early issue is because they didn’t take into account the minimum voltage drop an led needs to be on, and the way the ramp down and ramp up works is it sends a signal that makes the voltage go from 0-Max, but the leds need at least 3v to be on. so it takes the controller a minute to go from 0-3v or 3-0v.

Phil Grady says:

Interesting fixture.  I usually don’t purchase things fresh on the market however this fixture has great potential.  Great Review, and the tank looks awesome.

Bret Santucci says:

I just picked one of these up based on your review. I already ordered a second because one didn’t cover my 36 inch tank at the edges like you said you noticed. I’m curious what you ended up running with yours as far as lense. Are you still running the 110 degree with both or did you move to the 80 and reduce intensity. Also where are you finding the spectrum knob settles at with you? Seems middle provides the best color.

k9feces says:

This light still working with no problems?

Salazard Serpentard says:


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