The $20 Aquarium Light| Aquaneat LED

Hey everyone, today I share the unboxing and a quick review of one of Amazons top selling aquarium lights…the Aquaneat LED.

Aquaneat Light:

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Bossray Twotiimes says:

So in your exp whats the best led for plants thats somewhat priced affordable

nsane992002 says:

I have leds on my little ten gallon but I really dislike them compared to the florescent hoods for larger aquariums…….

Hamhead 3 says:

Very good informative video!

Lito Loco 4 fish says:

Looks nice though hope it works well for yah

Jeff Griffin says:

I like the nicrew better. Seems to be better quality for the extra few bucks.

Juan Cruz says:

Very nice
looks like you take good care of your fish.

Aqua Apprentice says:

Nice vid as always man. Keep up the great work!

Steve La Canne says:

I have 2 aquaneat lights and both of them have switches on the light. Thats weird!

L.R.Bretz's Aquatics says:

I use aquaneats to grow all sorts of plants. The key is to get the blue and white aquaneat bulbs 0.5w. The multi colored ones dont work as well.

Brideout says:

This channel is getting better by the day thumbs up from me

Daqwell Carrasquillo says:

Have you ever thought of buying smart switch? U can use Amazon Alexa or Google home. That’s how I have all my aquarium lights set up.

Fishy Wishes says:

I have an Aquaneat full spectrum led light for my 29 gallon planted tank. I loved it until it just stopped working. I believe the power supply went out. I’m planning to replace the power supply. Thanks for the great video!

S B says:

Hands down most annoying background music I have heard in an aquarium vid. Glad your tank choices are better than those you make for music 😉 Great looking tanks and good review. Thanks.

Elys D'Clar says:

What is that superbright light on the bottom right hand tank?

Ryan says:

I dont know if this is the one you bought but in the UK you can get a waterproof nicrew light for about 30 pounds, this really is waterproof ive dropped it in my tank several times

dbachelor's Planted Aquarium says:

thanks for the review!

Tina's Reef says:

Hey Darius….I have to agree that the company sucks for putting the switch on the plug. That is crazy. Good price….But I hope you find just the right light for your needs

Da Bellman Zoo says:

i don’t know i have an led that is a mix of colors and my low light plants thrive pretty good i would have kept it and given it a try! good vid though! keep it up man

Lito Loco 4 fish says:

Sir be careful with the power supply they fail very fast.. mine with in a month and if you buy the after market one it will work again.. symptomatic problema one or both lights go out.

inventoryking says:

Looks like it gives off some nice light. Thanks for sharing.

jeff johnson says:

Great vid,I keep plants so this light so this one not for me,thanks

Robs Fish says:

Thanks this is just what i needed

Thomas Rubio says:

My bettas are in a 5 and a 5.5 gallon tanks. I want to. Be able to put grow plants in their with them any recomodations to adorable and compact lighting?

BichirGuy 1990 says:

thats wierd, i bought 6 48” aquaneats a year and a half ago and the switches are all on the light itself and work great to this day, also grew plants with them too

Elizabeth Ann says:

I have five of these now. Cheap yet bright. I even used some butcher’s paper to diffuse three of them because i had an algae explosion. No problems now 🙂

Lito Loco 4 fish says:

Uppp you sent it back lollll no worries then good move

AquariumCop says:

have to tell you about a light I got That I fell in love with .. I now have 4!

Clearwater Beach Home search Merry Donovan says:

Thanks for revue. I was going to buy one. But I have plants.


Yes i have a few of these excellent for the money great review nice set up great looking fish

Cody WoW says:

Darius, I have bought the 4’ aquaneat light from amazon 2 months ago for my 75g fish tank and compared to my fluorescent tube lights it is a really nice white look. However I get this green algae growing tremendously bad after buying the light. The green algae begins to cover the glass in about a week.

My 46g tropical tank after two weeks still has little to no algae build up. I personally think that the light may be the cause to the algae because the issue didn’t start occurring until I installed it. Just a heads up if you try using it but mine is not full spectrum only white and blue.

Side note: the light I got 96LED one has a switch at the top on end for easy on and off.

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