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Matt Hayduk says:

Where can I get my snechel bichers from

Matt Hayduk says:

All my questions have been bets as in I knew the answers but my brother thought u didn’t have to cycle and he thought they were salt I am no beginner but I have 20 bucks CUZ of U responding to the dumb questions he has

Matt Hayduk says:

And thank you for all the info you have given me sorry for all the questions I just want to make sure the fish has as good as an experience as I do last q for now should I cycle my tank before I get my bisher

Matt Hayduk says:

Hey do you have a Skype I can contact you with I would like to ask some in depth questions about what fish are compatible with each other I’m new to the hobby and have been watching your vids since you got the bass

Matt Hayduk says:

I don’t have any fish or tanks yet I am slowly getting back into the hobby as I said before and I’m thinking about purchasing a 30g but I don’t what I could put in it the tank would be fresh water but I am debating purchasing a 50g instead what kinds of fish would work well in a 30g and what would work in a 50g???

Matt Hayduk says:

U said a 36 is good for a bicher is that the smallest U would go and also can I put 2 in the 36g also can I put a couple bottom feeders in it and is it fresh water

Matt Hayduk says:

What fish are compatabile for 30g fresh water tank? I’m going to get 4 angel fish and can cicilides get along with angel fish I also want to put to shark fin fish

Matt Hayduk says:

Bichers are fresh water right!

IFG says:

Amazing vid. Cool channel dude. Subbed!!!

James Feenan says:

great video just subbed

Matt Hayduk says:

Would a bichir be good

Matt Hayduk says:

A bet as in he said U didn’t need to cycle the water so we made a 10 doller bet

Matt Hayduk says:

A bet as in money I said they tank cycle/ nitrogen cycle is necasary he said U don’t have to do it so we bet 10 bucks who was right

Saw says:

Nice video and I sub!

Sky's Fishroom says:

second is the best

MA FishGuy says:

Good review man.

majestic cichlids says:

Hey monstafishkeeper, you asked me about entering my majestic cichlids 100 subscribers contest. I can only ship the prizes in the U.S. so if you live in the U.S. please enter my contest, If you live outside the U.S. I apologize I’m working on getting prizes outside the United States for the next contest.

Matt Hayduk says:

Then what fish would be good for the 30 gallon tank I’m buying any suggestions

jenna garnett says:

Great review. You are adorable (I have sons), tell you mom I said I’m sure she’s proud of you. Your fish look great.

Mbuna Marcus - Aquariums, Cichlids and More says:

Nice job mate

Matt Hayduk says:

So It has to be a Senegal bicher for a 36

Matt Hayduk says:

I’m getting a bicher and I have a 37 gallon tank is that ok for a bicher

Matt Hayduk says:

I already knew about cycling it was a question for a bet I’m getting a bicher soon

Matt Hayduk says:

Can u make a bicher info video

GeneralGiggleMuffin says:

Nice upgrade. Btw I fuggin love jewels. Yours looks very nice.

Matt Hayduk says:

Baka sharks would be cool right

Matt Hayduk says:

What can I put in a 30g angelfish tank I have 4 Angels but I would like to add some of those yellow ciclids and a couple small catfish and the one that that looks like a shark are they comparable

Matt Hayduk says:

What fish can I put in a 20g tank or a 29g

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