100w Aquarium Heater Review – Aqua Zonic Vs Aqua One

Reviewing the Aqua Zonic 100w Aquarium heater vs the Aqua One Aquarium Heater, Comparing the pros and cons.


Gyvybe Gy says:

Hello dear,

I am completely new in fish keeping, recently purchased Aqua zonic. This might sound as an odd question, but can it be fully submerged into water as in lying on the bottom of the tank for example? I am asking because I have never used these sort of things before and on the product box the drawing shows that the very top of the heater is slightly above the water.

Thank you very much!

TheRick2325 says:

Nice little review, keep it up 

BALCER-EuroR says:

OMG. I can’t listen to that “watts per liter” gibberish. You can heat up 2000 liters aquarium with 100W heater as well if you don’t know that. It will just take a lot more time and heater will be on pretty much all the time. Yes. And you’re talking about using it in 200l… pffff… 
Comparing heaters is just weird anyway. It’s just a heater! You can still compare if they have thermostat-fail-safe, build quality, full-submerse-function, how precise is the potentiometer etc but saying that one heater is more energy efficient that the other is just silly. It’s a heater. Heater (especially in the water) don’t waste energy! So if both heaters are in fact 100W then they do exactly the same job. Sorry. I snapped. you have good channel, just don’t talk about electricity 🙂

Alexander U Galán says:

Hello, nice video.
Can you plese tell me if you know how to get some instrctions on PDF or something like that telling me how it works and all the relevant information about it. Thank you in advance for your video and everything. Cheers!

Pownyan says:

There is NO difference in the efficiency in electrical heaters… 100W is allways 100W, even if the label says something else that might not be true.

Sammy says:

Hello Cutie,
For my preference to Aqua Zonic heater, what wattage should be ideal for a 165 litres tank and what wattage should I adjust to in watts ?

Restraining Dylan says:

wow you are really cute .

Nu Guy says:

i would marry this women

Alex Paulsen says:

All heaters should be 100% efficient… They take electrical energy and convert it into heat. What else could it be converting electrical energy into?
Light? Noise? Kinetic? It’s a heater, not a light bulb or a DC motor, heaters by design can’t waste energy.

christian reyes says:

SORRY.. But what a beautiful tank.

Pernell Butler says:

What size is your tank

Dylan Ockwell says:

you seriously didn’t say anything good about the aqua one heater

Quang Vuong says:

nice video, nice lady

sulayman khan says:

Hi I have and Eco one but it keeps turning on and off when it has not yet reached the temperature I have set


Hi..I have Aqua zonic ..but it keeps turning On and OFF.. is this normal?

Jayden LE says:

Nice tank

DeepFriedFuzzball says:

The Aqua Zonic heater does look kinda interesting, but a 100W heater is a 100W heater, it’ll add the same amount of energy to water column as any other 100W heater. There might be a small discrepancy here or there relating as to whether the heater is heating the water or heating itself up more and just turning off, before cooling and turning on again. But essentially, a 100W is a 100W heater in terms of output. I actually take my hat off to Aqua One for only recommending a 100L aquarium as opposed to 150L, as in cold weather, a 100W heater will be worked hard to heat a 150L aquarium. I actually think the Aqua One looks a little better built apart from not having a rubber bung on the end! Just my opinion though.

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