Aquarium Product Review Aquasafe Water Conditioner

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Review on Aquasafe Water Conditioner. This is great to use for water changes.


MA FishGuy says:

i like Prime as well but love aquasafe more guess im a creature of habit.

Connor Demart says:

What else do you need for the water or is that it ?

Money says:

great vid man , i use “safe” , and some of that stuff now and again for the slime coat.

NUUBIE TheNoob says:

how do u use this ? and i have betta?

Darren Arnett says:

Just picked up some gonna take your advice and try it out.

Pam Konen says:

I started a saltwater 29 gallon tank, should I use aqua safe with well-water also?

Flat Earth 510 says:

great review

Mark Lawrence Andaya says:

Questions: I will use that every time i clean my 10 Gallon Tank every month, how many minutes or hours, before i put my Gold Fish back to my Tank…

Jose Macias says:

I think I might just purchase one.

Neinthan Thiruvarul says:

well, my aqua safe says like the picture angle fish and I believe it’s a clown fish idk is yellow, black, blue and white. But my question is can I put this for my goldfish too

Tami MacGuigan says:

I hate this product,I had at least 50 platy`s and molly`s,as well as over 100 fry,I did a quick water chance using this and lost as many as half my pregnant females as well more then half my fry.My favorit fish who was in labour and because there were so many and the water was very cloudy I changed at least 50% and within hours half my fish were dead.So know the babies are getting bigger but it doesn`t bring back my platy`s mate wich I`ve never seen a male platy who wouldn`t leave her side as well as almost all my fry.I usually use prime and my husband brought home this and was I bummed.I measured it to a tea so very upset!She had been in the back corner with her mate all day and then she`s killed befor even getting her some water,Wish I would have never seen this product yet alone use it.Very unhappy ,Dion & Tami

fedorov2002 says:

Awesome product! Made in Germany. It says it all. Use according to the label.

Tami MacGuigan says:

I did this monthly and it did cause fin and just not so nice looking fish.

RPG nukes you says:

Will the aqua safe original (none plus) one work as good too ????

Betta fish 300 says:

How much would i put in for 2 gallons of water?

link hokinsi says:

Can I put it in while the fish are in

Cichlidman14 says:

Aqua safe all the way though I have tried prime but I prefer aqua safe:)

Natural Aquatics Eco-Aquascaping says:

 I would be more worried about “well Water’ than treated water from your local municipality.. A quick de-clor  is more preferable than the risk of bacteria, viruses, parasites, and fungi that can contaminate well water – from fecal material from humans or other animals.. Plus Soil Salination -when the watertable of the soil begins to drop and salt begins to accumulate as the soil begins to dry out. Most Well water for personal use is often filtered with reverse osmosis water processors. Thank You Sir…..

Darren Arnett says:

Good video, what’s your thoughts on seachem Prime

Odile Jean Pierre says:

after  i put conditioner in the water how long should I wait before adding my beta  fish in 

Robert Polite says:

I Love Prime!


what is the cost

Austin Delos Santos says:

QUESTION: Should I use AquaSafe if I use the purified drinking water?

MA FishGuy says:

I love the well water I have used in the past never had a issue. But you do bring a good point some could be bad.

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