Cheap Digital Thermometers Reviewed For Aquariums! Worth It?

Not sure these are worth getting for aquariums? What is the price of your fish worth? A full detailed review of my guppy tanks.

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NYGOLD says:

Give them a few months then see if you can find a way to make them work in your favor. It’s hard to review things in one day. It’s like those silly fish food reviews, people buy food, feed their fish and review it the next day. Try to make it work then get back to us.

neighborhoodman323 says:

Your guppies are BEAUTIFUL. How do you raise your hardness?

William Ramsey says:

They are complete junk, I had one that read 6 degrees FH off from other thermometers! That is a VERY dangerous variance for me!

sjmeola says:

good review Scott. I have  a feeling these will grow on you over time. I have about six of these. I use one in all my tanks. I run them 24/7 . Batteries last quite a while   I also keep a spare one for doing water changes to make sure new water matches the tank water. I found replacement batteries in large packs for just a few dollars at my local hardware store. As far as the suction cup on the back of the unit, I super glue them in.I feel these are a great product vs the price paid. Tip: Do not get these wet !!!   Display will  do crazy things or worse rust In the battery compartment.Benn there.Sam

Viola Hops a lot says:

I just use the good old thermometer Pain to read but accurate enough for me.

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