DealExtreme SKU 72343 Digital Stick-on Aquarium Fish Tank Thermometer

DealExtreme SKU 72343 Digital Stick-on Aquarium Fish Tank Thermometer


Twurl says:

Cat got your tongue?

MrWwemaster13 says:

does it change clours

MrWwemaster13 says:

thank u bro u helped me alot i gave u a thumbs up 🙂 ill watch your vids make more 🙂

Dadez Gambino says:

video is loud and might pop your eardrums if using headphone, make sure you are using a low volume before playing

Mihael M says:

what a total useless review

Jose Lamar says:

wtf kind of video is that?

MrSayyousayme says:

GREEN number – Actual temperatureBLUE number with TAN number – use number inbetween both colours as temp.

Manjunath Beli says:

working model would have been great!

carlo tabinas says:

ours doesnt change colors

Ghetto Potato says:

we all know it changes colors, how about telling us witch one to go by??

Nathaniel Peter says:

During the quarrel with evil Shravanti I foretold that I was in an aquarium shop and I was holding a strange thing that looks like a thermometer. I also foretold that the thermometer sticker is black and 19 number is missing after 18 and I also foretold that the reading will start from 18*C to 34*C. When that evil asked me how long it is then I said it is about 5 .25 inch and when she asked how can you prove it, then I foretold this youtube video and said that a man measures this sticker with a metallic scale that shows its length as 5.25 inch. Yesterday I actually went to the aquarium shop to purchase a thermometer and they showed me this strange sticker and after purchasing it I came to know that I foretold it. I also foretold that the aquarium shop has also many colorful parrots. I also foretold that there will be some white parrots that has feathers on its head that opens and closes whenever the parrot wants to do. I also foretold that there will be colorful parrot pots where the parrots sleep inside it.

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