Digital ammonia, pH, and temp monitoring – The Seneye | Interzoo 2014

The Seneye is a warning system for your tank. The digital monitor connects to the internet and continually checks up on the pH, temp, and ammonia levels of your aquarium, alerting you if anything is out of the norm. The system monitors the pH and ammonia via small sensor pads that are replaced every 30 days at a cost of around $100 per year. The system can also be configured with a light meter that measures PAR, Lux, Kelvin, and spectrum, which allows you to monitor these parameters live as you configure your lights.

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canvoodoo says:

These guys have been promising a nitrate test for some time. If they do this I am defiantly gonna get one.

Reefz Tk says:

now i need one of these for the PAR reading. can you use it without the web server or you have to use it with the web server?

Vincent Britton says:

Would be great if they could tie this in to an APEX 

mick telecaster says:

losing the will to live with mine . both my pc and laptop wont see the sensor so I can enter the number on the slide. It came close to going out the window today 

No Hope In The Pope says:

what a waste of money!! Ill stick with my $0.50 of calibration solution and 5 minutes of my time/year.

Salamander Fangskin says:

I’m from Mexico, can I buy supplies from your online store?

crowndroyal says:

what would be useful would be a lower cost on the replacement disks so it does not cost so darn much to run every year.

mick telecaster says:

Seneye great support . sorted me out first thing monday very quickly 

Rob Mcwill says:

Got this just for the par meter, seems to work but theres a lot of probe with the software

The Onion Patch says:

they shold add Nitrate and TDS sensor

Chad Johnson says:

This thing doesn’t even properly monitor pH on a tank with low kH which is almost every single planted tank. Really bad that the company even knows this and admits it yet doesn’t warn its users. Don’t buy this product, Your spending around $200 to buy one and $130 for slides for a single year. That alone is already enough to buy you a good aquarium CONTROLLER.

SPL says:

so if it’s just a monitor and not a controller, then it can’t do anything about your heater failing in the on position!

Dennis Richards says:

You folks at BRS are providing a very valuable service to us in this hobby.
As a serious reef keeper and a new customer who has been following for a few years I sincerely appreciate the length you folks at BRS go to to educate potential customers about products available to help make reef keeping more successful! 

Angel Flores says:

Windows only i wanted it for the aquarium in my room with an iMac

12punches says:

I want one that monitors the following; Nitrate, phosphate, calcium, Alk and Magnesium. 🙂 

Saigaijin69 says:

Windows only? Seriously? It’s 2015. I don’t know anyone who has owned a Windows computer for at least the last 10 years. Pathetic. Clearly this company doesn’t innovate.

DaVido says:

impressed…looks pretty cool…just the par meter feature alone for the money

Aarons AquariumTM says:

Just got myself one of these, its working great so far its nice not to have to constantly test my water.

Valentino A says:

This is awesome

theAmdisen391 says:

need a Ammonia/Nitrate/Nitrite pm me if you got one or could diy make me one


Useless and Expensive and worst tech support

Shane Lee Loy says:

Quick question can i see like a graph of what my parameters are  or does it only tell me if the lets say temperature is too high or too low.

John Kennedy says:

Before you buy this make sure you conpletely understand it! IMO this company is kinda shady like a corporation!

moose says:

what about NO2 and NO3? those are just as important.

TT Smasher says:

Not for me.

Ruud Taminiau says:

I have this next to my apex for a year now, love it plus great support. The light meter alone is worth it!

Btw BRS should start shipping internationally 🙂

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