DIY aquarium heater controller

Building a DIY aquarium heater controller is easier than you might have thought. Certainly worth the $25!

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something to do about nothing says:

can it be wired to a fan as well to cool the tank down in the summer? I noticed it said heat and cool so I was curious.

Slim Tim says:

Fired Up Build!!!

fishguy Brad says:

Safety back up, I have used these for some time and they work great, but, I had a situation were the sensor probe failed(Pacus eat it) the controler saw very cold temps and kept the heaters on and cooked the fish. I now set the heaters to just a few degrees above my controller set point so if something fails they still will not over heat the water

thokk10289 says:

you can also calibrate the sensor with ice water. ice water will be 0 C (32F) with a tiny smidgen difference depending on hardness but im talking about literally 1/10 of a degree.

Iggy Smith says:

Love your work Joey. I’m not sure you want run 4 x 300Watt heaters with this setup the way you wired it. You may want to tweak it a little bit.

Scott From Rosco's Reef says:

awesome DIY project that applies to not only freshwater but saltwater as well. Great job.

Pitsta says:

Uh i need some help. So im using a powerpoint instead of receptacle and don’t know where to attach the ‘grey’ wire to the ‘highest point’. There is no ‘highest point’ or any other connections, can i just attach it to the earth?

Doug Silva says:

Taking this great idea and using it to add the controller to my stand so I don’t see or have a big box with the outlets inside my stand so I could plug my heaters and the display outside so I could control temperature

Lil Savey says:

that what she said

Jonathan Carroll says:

Next can you show us how to double or triple the compacity for more heaters or coolers on bigger tanks??? PLEASE says:

Very cool project Joey. I’ve been looking for a way to do this for ages. Think I’m going to take this idea and add a socket for the cooling side too, so that I can use it to power some 12v PC fans when the temperature rises.

Dave lowinger says:

mantis shrimp ????

SparXMODZ says:

Joey, can you explain how to make one with a cooling receptacle for a fan?

Jason Doucette says:

Awesomesauce 🙂 great vid man

Mr. Niceguy says:

I’d not advise those controllers for anything other than a super large aquarium. They really don’t have great regulation.

LadySphinx says:

My dad & husband are electronic technicians I”ll just let them watch this and then tell them “Ok, this is what I want done” and like magic it would be done. That way I don’t have to worry about electrocuting me or my fish

Hectorisking Hinojosa says:

You are truly the KING of DIY! Great vid!

Brad Simpson says:

A quick tip: if you buy a duplex receptacle cover matching the colour of your receptacles, you can screw it on over the front face of the acrylic and give it even more of a professional look(skipping the silicone step). You’re probably talking about 50 or 60 cents for that cover. Also, I have my annotations turned off, so forgive me if it already appears, but please mention GFCI protection in a situation like this. Any time you’re plugging anything close to your aquarium into an outlet, that outlet should be GFCI protected. Technically, that’s a code rule in Canada(and probably the US too), and if your house burned down as a result, an insurance company might not help you out if it were violated. Could be that it was mentioned and it’s escaped my mind, or that it appeared in an annotation, but regardless, consider it.

And I’m fast becoming addicted to these videos, Joey. It’s great to see some Canadian fish-related YouTube content, and these videos look great. Very professional.

Dylan Solis says:

where does this guy get his glass

gsacksmn says:

At 3:55. you attach the green (or grey) wire from the controller to the receptacle. Is that really correct? Typically, the green wire is always a ground wire. Are you using that to carry current to the receptacle? If so, it really should be a black or red wire to indicate that it is hot. (Not that anybody should ever touch any exposed wires when there is current, regardless of the color).

Kids fun says:

Hey how can I use single heater for multiple aquariums ?

Artashes Harutyunyan says:

Thanks a lot. You are THE KING!!!

Everything Fish says:

I recently built a temperature controller for my tank. We had a hot spell for a few days and a heater thermostat is unreliable at the best of times. I lost two fish to the heat. Since building this my water stays within +-0.3c and above this I also wired up the cooling side to two aquarium fans. Now if we have a hot spell the heater will stay off and if the heat in the house causes the tank temperature to rise the cooling side switches the fan on which cools the tank. If you can handle the diy aspect and you are keeping fish without a temperature controller then I would recommend this build.

aussieaeromodeler says:

awesome I’ve been looking for something like this , ordered the controller from Ebay , $10.95 Aussie money , also used your floor tile idea in my (now bare bottom) tank , in my spare room , and also built the external canister filter out of 100 mm pvc , I made a slight mod to it tho , rather than a pump pushing the water thru , I used a 1000 liter per hour submersible power head and 22 mm pipe and elbows for the outlet , and to mount the power head , just needed to heat the 22mm pipe to accomodate the inlet of the power head , the inlet is 15mm pvc , and used the same method of egg crate to keep the lava rock off the bottom of the canister. Loving your vids and work , I’ve built several of your other projects also , saved heaps of money doing so

Captain Savage Aquatics says:

Great video and very informative. Could make a parts list as I would like to do this myself.

AlbanyMan says:

can i used this for incubator

TheStranger255 says:

I always like your videos, keep it up.

EFnine Man says:

I know this random , but I think my 15″ bichir ate my 5″ red tail black shark. I can’t find the shark anywhere. what so you think?

vonries says:

Do they have a controller like this that is in Fahrenheit other than the itc-1000 (you must specify Fahrenheit and 110ac)? I’m pretty sure it’s also possible to use poles 7 and 8 to control a cooler or fan etc.?

Martin Welters says:

Did you put the sensitivity to 3 degrees? It looked like 0.3 degrees to me.

Mike E says:

Does it matter if the probe is stainless steel in an aquarium? Thanks

Cody Lee says:

anyone know of a simular controler build for salinity instead of heat for an auto top off

Lil Savey says:

he said un and out

NYCity Cichlids says:

Great project.

jmtnvalley says:

How powerful are the heaters you are controlling? I am using a water heater element in my 900 gallon tank. I needed to add a relay between the controller and the heater element.

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