[FAIL] Digital aquarium thermometer experiment – Boiling Water Test

[FAIL] Digital aquarium thermometer experiment – Boiling Water Test
I purchased this thermometer on Ebay, to measure the temperature of my electric bicycle motor when it is hot. I haven’t been using this for this purpose, so it has been collecting dust.
This thermometer might be good for the Arduino I have. I might cut off the thermometer wire portion, stick it in breadboard and see if it is compatible with the Arduino. The Arduino thermometer is not waterproof, like this one. Donate Bitcoin-BTC: 1G8hLcJBGJw7e7LXvYAzCe1YEBhwmPo9EZ
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Joffa alien says:

i honestly think an electric pushy would be a bit dangerous for you, then again natural selection

Ese Callum says:

it only goes up to 70 degrees..SAY ON THE INSTRUCTIONS.

evolvng says:

You’re a retard!!! Reading is fundamental. It isn’t intended to read temperatures in that range. It’s a f##$ing aquarium thermometer. Humanity is doomed if more people like you are around.

Catchy GaminG says:

This is for aquarium use, and aquariums are not intended to go up to 100 degrees farhenheit. Unless you leave a heater on and boil your fish. Are you kidding me you bought an aquarium thermometer to measure the heat of your e bike engine? The aquarium thermometer is design to mark temperature until a certain limit . I got 5 of these in each of my tank and have no issues and is enough for the purpose.

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