Fluval E Series Heater Review

This week I take a look at the Fluval E Series Heaters as I begin to assemble the cube tank. I open it up and tell you whats so special about this hi tech heater.


MrHoney2U says:

Good points. Nice review

Harmonica In The Breeze. says:

I had a parrot fish receive a mighty burn she it got stuck in between a badly placed heater..it survived with treatment and was doing fine for over two months..but the colour never returned to the burn area..would his scales not have grown back either ? he died yesterday..all other fish and water readings seem fine.

almcloud says:

Funny cut scene lol

Dan Chapman says:

Can we use this heater horizontally for our water turtle tank? The water level is only 6.5″ in our aquarium.

Chris Gill says:

Wow!!! way to go fluval or should a say hagen:)

Purnima Hazra says:

how long it would take to set the time in fluval heater.
I set up 27 degree Celsius, then it gone down to 21 and blue light is blinking . sometime it shows LF and 24 degree celsius. randomly. is it okay ?

Brian's Fish Tanks says:

Great review!  Looks like a nice heater


Nice vid..Hope you get a free heater from Fluval for being a great advert for their product..

chubbypekingese says:

Im setting up a 75 gallon tank and want to know if I should get one heater rated for the size of my tank or two heaters rated for half the size of my tank.

Ive heard plenty of horror stories where the heater fails in the middle of the night and the fish go into shock.

I was wondering if having two working would be a good idea.

Marco Burgers says:

Yeah i accidentally took my glass heater out of the water and it got really hot, when i put it back in the water it cracked. Fail

thelorddarkblade says:

Best Review i saw so far, about this heater, i’m waiting mine, Nice one friend 😉

HalfMan HalfCichlid says:

Take a look at what I found out about heaters in general and Eheim and Cobalt in particular. Could save a disaster for you and your subscriber base: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zD-35GKK_Tk

D Leal says:

Can this be used in a small outdoor pond like the one that you built?

Tom will says:

I know what my next heater will be, thanks

Lushiano Fajardo says:


sasha billie says:

And what’s the ideal temperature for a fluval edge 6 gallon?
Mine is at 24 C and it’s in blue which means it’s too cold. But what the right warm temperature to set up?
I have not a clue
Thank you for your valuable help 😉

Golden State Warriors Fan says:

I own the Fluval e series 100 watts i have it set 78 it was solid green llast night today it was solid blue at 74 now its at 73.5 is this normal ?? its not flashing blue should i get temp controller for this heater

musicalmarion says:

Did you ever come across a heater like a large square wooden case that the tank stands on?  There was one at my school in the Science Lab and it was so weird.  You turned a knob at the front to change the heat setting, and it was slow!  I was trying to find a picture of those ancient heaters, but no luck so far.  How times have changed  : )

NickMach007 says:

Nice review. Definitely a lot of nice features. Only thing that worries me, is more things to go wrong. I kind of like the KISS method myself. But I think plastic shell of some kind is a must. Keep up the good work.

ShiebMo says:

Can this heater operate horizontally ?

Rummayyah Ismail says:

Hi I have e300 fluval heater on my 200 litre i plug in and shows 25 but not in green it is on red?
any help

Rick Barg says:

If it has a safety shut off at 200 degrees your fish are cooked

Spacemicheladatchet ' says:

How has the filter worked out for you?

NYREPS says:

That’s a great heater and all but will never go back to those heaters again when it can use a hydor external heater ,never see a ugly and bulky heater in the tank again.

Richard says:

I wish these weren’t so long. I have a nano aquarium that barely fits the 50w. My original heater was a Cobalt Neo-Therm which does the same as this but isn’t as long. The only thing I disliked about it was the labeling wears off.

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