How to check fish tank thermometer accuracy!

Ever wondered how accurate your fish tank thermometer actually is? After placing four thermometers in the same tank and getting four different readings, I knew there had to be a better way. Here’s a quick video to show you how to test your thermometer accuracy quickly and easily!

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Nicole Hitt says:

I have one just like that and the temp says the same thing. Like my temp was pretty warm when I put my hand in it and it said 80. It didn’t feel like 80 so I got a cup out some ice for a few hours and it still says 80

MrBuHuskyBlue says:

How do you read those glass thermometers? I can’t even see it half the time.

MP112791 says:

thanks for the video. got a new thermometer, it’s off by 4 degrees

Diana Makinovavich says:

my thermometer is staying at 100 F

jkarlitatj Karlitatj2010 says:

where do you get one? I have my fish in bowls I put cool warm water

Altzercrast says:

I just bought a glass thermometer looks like that one and it was in the sun for a few hours in the shipping box I let it cool down in water and put it in my tank. It says my tank water is 81 degrees F and when I touch the water it feels much colder than 81

sdq sdq says:

made in china and it works , what brand is it

Alastair Thomas says:

That water would be warmer than 0° as it’s not frozen wouldnt it?

Paola Perez says:

the little pebbles on the bottom of the thermometer have to be in between the gravel!?

xXXFR8TRNXXx says:

I was worried my tank was too hot per my thermometer. After trying your test, I think it’s okay. Your reading was below target mark. mine is like three dashes above the mark. Am I right in that the water in cooler then what the thermometer is saying by this test?

Ryan F says:

Do i read where the red line is? And for some reason the red line on my thermometer has stayed in the same spot for more then 2 hours is that accurate?

FunFrenzy says:

someone help. my mercury is not shooting up.

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