How to setup a Freshwater Fish Tank WITH Fish in it SafeStart No Waiting.

How to start a tropical freshwater fish tank without waiting for the water to “cycle”? This video is for you.

Using Tetra Safe Start Plus, you can introduce helpful bacteria without having to wait for your tank to cycle through the normal ammonia, nitrite, nitrate levels before putting fish in.

I explain my process with a brand new 54-gallon bow front corner aquarium, purchased from PetSmart.

The key is, good filtration, start with only a few fish, match fish to your water hardness, keep conditions stable, introduce ammonia and nitrite eating bacteria.

Never stock to tank maximum capacity. Slow and steady is the key to success and test your water frequently.

ALL Music in this video is licensed to me through SmartSound Music. thanks in advance for not trying to put a copyright claim on it.

Below are links to lots of the equipment I have shown here for items available on Amazon:

Hydor Canister Filter Kit:

Tetra Safe Start:

Submersible Heater:

Digital Aquarium Thermometer:


Susan says:

I watched this aquarium setup. It was lovely. It was like being schooled, along with the fish. 🙂 The photography, aquarium, and narrative were peaceful and informative. Very nice!

Frederick Dunn says:

UPDATE it’s now March 19th of 2017 and I have become a huge fan of this method using Tetra SafeStart. We are still getting Zero Ammonia, Zero Nitrites and Zero Nitrates… PH remains stable and the water is so clear it’s like we left the water out. The combination of adding bacteria, Chemi-Pure, and a Hydor canister filter system was perfect for this 54 gallon bow-front glass tank. We lost two fish, one zebra danio (injured from the pet shop) and one neon tetra. You are invited to see the new fish we added and the update on this video:

missy sparkles says:

very nice planted tank – I like cannister type filters too -i am using the inbuilt filter as well as the cannister – I bought a new 180 litre tank I recently and got rid of my 4 ft tank 200litre – I have very fine black gravel now – its a bit of a pain cause it gets sucked up easily in the pump and in the syphon easily fixed by pantihose – is there any reason why u dont use carbon ?

Cekeybula says:

biggest tank i can afford is 30L, i feel poor.

grigore razvan says:

Stop plastic

Zofia Salabaj says:

I have Tetra SafeStart and I’m getting 5 female betters today, would the ammonia spike too much or would it be okay?

bebebutterfield1 says:

A very soothing and educational video to watch. I enjoyed it. There are professional e-book readers as I’m sure you are aware of. You definitely have the voice for it.

Golden State Warriors Fan says:

On the 27th of Aug I had to get a new 75 gallon aquarium since my old 75 gallon tank was leaking I used the existing filter that had the same media i had running on the old 75 gallon tank and connect it to the tank added aqua safe then i waited 24 hrs then added safe start my 20 and 30 tank both have CaribSea Instant Aquarium Peace River Gravel the same as my new 75 gallon tank I took some of the gravel from my 30 gallon tank that was running for 2 years and added it to the new 75 gallon tank does this mean my tan k is cycled i tested the ammonia and nitrite and nitrate today and they all tested 0 I also squeezed a filter pad from a exsiting filter and I empty it to a cup and poured it in the new tank hope it will soon be ready for my rams and other fish ??

Boy Kfkdksl says:

How long should you wait to put in the safestart after you put in the water conditioner ?

olaPRASINAgiatre says:

How much time you put the fishes after tetra safestart?

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