Inkbird ITC-308s review

Technical features:



Big Banana Brewing says:

The inkbird is a great piece of kit. So easy to use and well worth the extra few dollars.

Amy Xie says:

Thanks for sharing!

Chcky Mickey says:

🙂 good job!

abdulla alsharqi says:

What power supply you use 120V or 220V ?

Roy Rudy says:

Thank for sharing the alarm, that was pleasant.

Tony Comer says:

This review is hands-down the best I’ve seen on this product!

Jesse Muilwijk says:

What do i have to fill in at CA? temperature calibration I dont understand the meaning of it. I tried to translate it in dutch but still dont get it!

MSK Chess says:

Is there no setting to program for time?

glennxserge says:

Great video; thank you for the clear explanations and detailed illustrations. I think I’ll pick one of these up. Cheers!

Said Bencherifa says:

I like your clear presentation and am ordering it, not for brewing or fermentation but for another purpose. Thanks for the great explanation job.

Michael Lohre says:

You are right on and this was very helpful. I’m just using the device to convert a chest freezer into a refrigerator for our egg business, and this was very helpful. Bravo! and Thank you!

Mashaca Mashaca says:

Apparently there are 2 temp probe sizes? How do you order them correctly? I don’t need the 12-inch probe!!!

S Lockes says:

the clearest and most intelligent inkbird review on YouTube, bravissimo!

tptoodle says:

Thank you for the product review. I am planning to buy one for my salt water aquarium. What is the possibility of the heating probe getting rusted and leaching rust into the tank?

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